Freemasons controlling our supposed democracy

Lets make one thing crystal clear every last one that sits his or her fat publicly founded arse on a seat in Westminster, either in the commons or the lords, has been sanctioned, not only by the queen, but by her ruthless masonic master the Dukey Kent. NO ONE, absolutely no one, who dares challenge the might of the crown and its total control over the direction of politics will survive the wrath of these evil murderous bastards.

Scotland's Tommy Sheridan dared to do just that and he was attacked by her gutter rags like the Murdoch Sun who did a massive hatchet job that left him serving time in jail while his wife and daughter were traumatised by the masonic thug cops in Scotland raiding his home at every opportunity. The might of the crown's evil establishment came down with an enormous fascist boot on Sheridan's head and anyone who thinks they can start a new political party and fund it to offer proper opposition will find the same ruthless mafia comes in to thwart any attempt at rocking the establishment boat. That same despicable power regularly used on divorcing men before they are stripped bare in Scotland's masonic controlled courts.

Sheridan was far from perfect but he was the only MSP that dared to challenge the might of the British crown and he and his family paid a heavy price and an example of the destructive powers operating inside Britain. When he entered Holyrood he became detached from what could have protected him from those extremes but failed to heed warnings from us that feminists and in particular a feminist with a freemason / orangeman father was undermining his position.

Don't expect any sort of CHANGE soon from any of the political parties that sit in Westminster no matter what they suggest they will do if they get into power and even if they attempted to change the structure once and for all London city's bankers would soon cause a banking crisis to get rid of them if they tried to meddle in the vast corruption they operate under.

There is a crisis in Britain and many countries tainted by the stench of the judeo / masonic mafia infiltrated into key positions of power that ensure only their agenda will get promoted at the utter expense of the peasants across the globe. It has required revolutions throughout history to get rid of the previous tyrants and despots but this mob running the world from London are the very hardest nut to crack as they are doing it in secret and with secret agendas and lackeys.

The internet has to create the content that can educate the long suffering public who even to this day believe the British Royals are some sort of force for good and like Stockholm syndrome believe their captors have got their best interests at heart. Their gutter rags are now struggling to convince the public that their GOOD deeds are just like one of their knights Jimmy Savile hiding behind a mask of pure evil with mountains of blood on their hands. Only those targeted for stripping truly know the depths these evil bastards will go to help themselves to your lifetime of graft. PURE EVIL AT ITS EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Two Freemasons' lodges set up at Westminster are continuing to operate
  • Famously, when required to swear allegiance to the Queen to become an MSP he did so with a raised clenched fist - a move which caused no little controversy with his peers."Supreme sovereignty lies with the people of Scotland rather than an unelected monarchy," he said at the time.
  • In 2011 the SSP leader Tommy Sheridan caused a stir in parliament from the start, when he swore the oath of allegiance to the Queen with a clenched fist raised to signal his protest
  • Tommy Sheridan on why "Our Oath Should Be to the People Not the Queen Abolish the Monarchy"
  • Tommy Sheridan perjury conviction 'unsafe', claims MP Tom Watson
  • Carolyn Leckie admits her father was a an Orangemen and a Freemason and part of the socialist gang behind Sheridan's sacking
  • Tommy Sheridan receives Bacheor of Law degree at University of Strathclyde (but he'll never get a job as a lawyer)