Freemason judges the ultimate child abusing scum VIDEO

The world's global media have us ALL distracted with endless terrorism that HIDES the biggest terrorist plot against heterosexual men and their families that is being instigated by freemason judges and their lawyer minions. We have said time and again all terrorism is a smokescreen for the biggest child abuse network on the planet and the global judicial mafia behind that ring of terror being inflicted on men and their children.

Billions of men not part of the creepy masonic satanic network of power are being destroyed in the hell holes they claim are places of justice. There is NO justice for non mason men in this world ONLY the enormous pain and suffering these evil bastards are inflicting on men and in turn their children. Vulnerable families are being ripped apart thanks to a power structure that sees freemasons and ONLY freemasons deciding on the futures of billions of men and their children during divorce.

The divorce industrial complex has been manufactured, NOT to ensure justice, but to ensure the child abusing scum have access to every last penny of a families wealth and the terror they met out to unsuspecting men. Those men forced to pay trillions to lawyers supposedly to ensure they come through divorce unscathed when in reality they are ALL working to finish off any last bastion of good that came from marriages that in time crumble and give these terrorist child abusing monsters total power over a man's life's work.

There is an enormous evil that is hiding behind corporate rags and their smoke screens for a vast army of masonic thugs disguised as law enforcement and judges preying on those billions of men who in time will get their revenge for the enormous pain and suffering being inflicted for the vile perversions of a rogue mafia. Miss a mortgage payment and the bank will seize your property get divorced and the judeo / masonic run law society will help themselves to EVERYTHING and in many cases your life.

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