Political activist Maurice Kirk being tortured in UK prison run by G4S

Parc Prison Director Janet Wallsgrove

He paid a heavy price for crossing paths with the royal parasites and only ONE example of how the royals throw political activists inside their psychiatric gulags and prisons run by thugs.

For the attention of Parc Prison Director Janet Wallsgrove

We have received a disturbing email from a relative about one of our personal long term friends, political activist 74 year old Maurice Kirk.

We are appalled to read

"My brother had his cell trashed on Sunday 13th October NINE days ago. His personal tablets for his chronic Barrett's Syndrome affecting his oesophagus which have prescribed by a doctor before he came into your 'care' and again by one of your doctors who gave him a packet of Omeprazole so he could take the pill at the correct time before a meal.

He is frequently left locked in so now he cannot reach the health hatch to get his tablets, omeprazole being only one. He is 74 years old, a veterinary surgeon and well clued in pharmacology. His pain is such that he needs a wheelchair. He is told to use the computer to alert the health care section. However, he gets to the computer to either find it broken or surrounded by young men also desperate to use the machine. You can imagine who wins in the time allowed.

He is put on punishment if he rings his bell asking for tablets. Last Tuesday he reported his problem to the Chair of the Parole Board who asked the Offender Manager in the room to ask the clerk to contact Health care for the tablets. The reply came back that health care would have to investigate . No medicine was forthcoming."

We therefore require under a Freedom of Information request

1. The name of the doctor responsible for ensuring Mr Kirk receives his medication punctually and what if any avenues he has available to report the failure to receive his medication?

"Failing to do so can be considered torture under the European Court of Human rights"

2. The names of the persons responsible for deciding that it is appropriate for an elderly gentlemen to be in a prison setting where young men are targeting and threatening him?

3. The names or numbers of the warders who are charged with his safety and that he receives that vital medical treatment on a regular basis and that his welfare is assured?

4.The names or numbers of the warders who are charged with ensuring he can gain access to a computer to detail his present conditions and forward to the appropriate authorities?

You should be fully aware we have a worldwide network of activists, contacts and with a large International web presence with thousands of visitors daily who are presently being informed of the persecution of an elderly political activist being left by the state and its depraved sadists and partners in crime G4S to rot in a jail NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

If G4S are unable to respond to this FOI request then forward to the appropriate government authority that provided the contract to G4S for prison work.

You have 20 working days to provide that information.

PS. Please provide an early response that you have received this email and it is being acted on.

  • Norway’s sovereign wealth fund has banned all holdings of shares in G4S because of the risk of human rights violations against the British security company’s workforce in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates