England goes further down the far right wing politics road by now voting in the murdering arm of extreme politics

Any SENSIBLE and concerned voter must be in utter shock that England has voted in maybe the most ruthless bunch of murdering bastards that has ever run their country. Many many concerned voters did not vote for them but must find it troubling that they live in a country where there is widespread opinion that mass murderers are the best form of government. Some of us who have moved away from Britain and who have seen this extreme starting way back with Thatcher and Heath that one part of Britain is allowed to have murdering gangsters and Eton groomed privileged thugs impose their extreme dogma on, in their eyes, the UNWORTHY while claiming it is some form of democracy.

Anyone with any sense should consider trying alternative ways of living as while they remain in England they will have seen the suicide rate rapidly increase expotentially along with vast homelessness and is looking ever more like the dickensian state of the distant past with ruthless scumbags getting away with treading over the disabled and mentally ill who are wallowing in total deprivation that has been the hallmark of the far right wing tendencies of England going back decades.

  • England a place were homeless people die on the street and nobody seems to give a fuck (At least 726 homeless people died in England and Wales in 2018. Nobody seemed to be taking any notice of him at all, even though there was clearly something wrong. He was just lying there lifeless)
  • The mathematical odds of SEVEN former members of an elite drinking club (Bullyingdon and Eton) all getting top political jobs all at the same time, and all being members of the Conservative Party is at least 240 MILLION to ONE