Never underestimate the nastiness of the tory scum

While their gutter rags rant on about all the supposed HELP that is being given to employees over coronavirus they conveniently forget to mention how behind closed doors the FTSE bosses have made sure tory policy has allowed them to use compulsory redundancy against large groups of employees prior to them coming up with a scheme that saves those employers paying the staff they have kept on any salaries.

The self employed who don't matter have already found negotiating the tory scum's Universal Credit scam is like climbing Mount Everest and many will now realise putting a tory government back in charge will ensure millions will still fall through the safety net the tory's claim is now in place.

Only one example of the nastiness of employers came when without notice waiters in a highland hotel were kicked out of their accommodation which came with their employment at the hotel with NO NOTICE to find themselves with no money, no home and no way of returning to their native lands thanks to travel restrictions.

Despite the glowing reports by their gutter rags make no mistake large groups of former employees and the self employed will be in dire straits due to the lack of speed and mountains of bureaucracy in their way before they receive any modicum of assistance and will find out how millions of the disabled and poor have had to survive for over a decade with the draconian austerity measures made against them.

Their gutter rags will still claim the tory's are doing a good job for everyone caught up in this madness but the selective way certain groups will be safer and the rest can go to the wall is very typical of the tory mafia looking after ONLY their own while everyone else can wallow in ever increasing debt mountains that will make life much worse after this coronavirus scare is over.

  • Mounting anger among the self-employed over what they see as insufficient support in the emergency measures announced on Friday evening (Tory's only help big business)
  • Tory's forced to pay 80% of wages for employees not working, up to 2,500 a month due to the coronavirus pandemic (Ten years of austerity wiped out and the pain and suffering of the poorest and most vulnerable could have been avoided)
  • Coronavirus: Hotel staff sacked and made homeless
  • Unite union says it has received reports that the leisure chain G1 Group has sacked many of its staff (Tory backing businesses using backdoor methods of compulsory redundancies keeping on staff who will get 80% of their salaries paid)
  • Pandemic exposes Britain's horrendous TORY run welfare system that has brought millions to their knees
  • Devastating toll of coronavirus on UK workforce in just one week: Hotel sacks employees and leaves them homeless, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic tell crews to take unpaid leave while businesses shed up to 80% of staff
  • Coronavirus: Hotel made staff homeless in 'admin error' (Britannia Hotel chain maybe the worst run hotels in the UK)
  • Coronavirus recession not yet a depression (But the tory's will have ALL the excuses in the world to fuck up the lives of those now open to be targeted)