Notorious British judge involved in multiple disturbing cases

It has recently been brought to our attention some very high profile legal cases with disturbing outcomes all had the same judge presiding over those outcomes. The judge in question is a Peter Openshaw knighted by the Queen and seemingly brought in to undermine cases that let freemasons walk away like David Dukenfield after the 96 deaths at Hillsborough.

Hillsborough: David Duckenfield found not guilty of manslaughter

The verdict came in a retrial at Preston crown court that began on 7 October. A first trial on the same charge, heard by the same judge, Sir Peter Openshaw, ended on 3 April with the jury unable to reach a verdict.

The former South Yorkshire police chief superintendent David Duckenfield has been found not guilty of gross negligence manslaughter more than 30 years after he commanded the police at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final at Hillsborough between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, at which 96 people died.

He was also the judge that presided over the disturbing decision to allow fellow lawyer and homopaedo Greville Janner NOT to face trial because "he is not well enough to enter plea because of his advanced dementia". Lord Janner, who was Labour MP for Leicester West for 27 years from 1970, is accused of 22 sexual offences against nine boys and men between 1963 and 1988.

The former Labour politician, 87, is accused of a string of child sex offences dating back 50 years. But Mr Justice Openshaw, sitting at the Old Bailey, ruled he is not well enough to enter plea because of his advanced dementia.

It follows shambolic handling of the case by the Crown Prosecuton Service, which initally refused to prosecute the peer before public outrage forced an embarrassing U-turn.

The judge made his ruling today based on medical reports. He said: “The defendant is not and never will be fit to plead or to stand trial.

Another less well known case is Robin Garbutt whose family claim he was "wrongfully convicted of murdering his beloved wife Diana Garbutt on March 23rd 2010".

They state "No DNA of Robin is found on or inside this bar, only Diana’s, a Police Officer and one other unidentified male. (Please find more info on this and other findings under the appropriate headings) ROBIN IS GIVEN BAIL, He comes home and we now have a little hope. The trial begins in March 2011. It takes 4 weeks. The Judge in our opinion from day one hurried the barristers all the time to get finished for Easter. He started each morning by asking both QC’s if they were on schedule and making sure they would be finished on time.

At the end of the trial the Judge excused the jury to deliberate stating he would only take a unanimous verdict. The jury couldn’t do this so he said he would take a majority decision after 2 ˝ days the jury returned a 10-2 majority against Robin, nobody could believe this, people were visibly shocked. Robin is convicted and sentenced to 20yrs.

Openshaw the judge in the case sentenced Garbutt to life in prison and told him he would serve a minimum of 20 years.

Prior to promotion to a judge Peter Openshaw QC was the prosecuting counsel in the case of Thomas Bourke

On the website 'Justice for Thomas Bourke' it is claimed

"We now know that prosecuting counsel, Peter Openshaw QC, held a secret meeting with the trial judge, Mr Justice Sachs, on 1st December 1994. This was during the final prosecution and defence speeches but before the judge’s summing up.

There is no mention of this meeting on the court log and HM Court Service has confirmed that it did not adhere to the protocol of the time. The defence had no knowledge of it until 2006 when Peter Openshaw mentioned it in a statement he made in relation to Thomas’s leave to appeal hearing. In this same statement he denied that there was any increase in security after he told Sachs that Thomas was responsible for bringing a gun into HMP Manchester.

In Openshaws statement for the leave to appeal hearing, he states that he may have been accompanied in this meeting by one of the investigating police officers to verify the information he gave to Sachs. We are now able to prove, and it has been accepted by the Court of Appeal, that Openshaw’s report to the judge was nothing but a pack of lies, albeit that he may have been duped into making such a report."

So here we have the 96 families of the Hillsborough dead crying of a miscarriage of justice. The victims and families of Greville Janner's homopaedo abuses crying of a miscarriage of justice. The family of Robin Garbutt crying of a miscarriage of justice and the family and friends of Thomas Bourke crying of a miscarriage of justice.

These are only the cases brought to our attention but there may be hundreds more and these are just maybe the tip of an enormous iceberg. The first two are without a doubt some of the most disgusting miscarriages of justice ever seen in British courts. The last two are family and friends of the two convicted while Openshaw was in charge of the court and also prosecutor. Whether there has or hasn't been injustice we will only know if and when these facts are heard in their appeals.

We have been reporting for decades that these same judges are residing over the family court system and have been getting away with murder framing divorcing men so they can be fleeced of their homes, bank accounts and children . Can we believe those facing criminal trials are being framed? Without a doubt the injustice perpetrated by the Law society lackeys of judges and lawyers makes a mockery of what should be courts that provide justice for victims of crime and those innocent of crimes they are being accused of.

That has seldom been the case as we bear witness to decades of court watching and how they maliciously usurp any form of JUSTICE with even our own membership having been utterly shafted, in some cases victims have been injected with anti psychotic drugs for daring to expose the paedo networks across the UK and beyond by court orders dished out by these evil bastards.

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