• Westminster protected homopaedo MP's who had "a penchant for small boys"
  • Corbynite MP sparks furious row by using her maiden speech to blast '40 years of Thatcherism' including 13 years of LABOUR government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (Lawyer Blair turned Labour into a tory party Mark 2 and has NEVER recovered while right wing Blairites remain conniving within to undermine what used to be a party of relevance to ordering working Joe's)
  • Disturbing Revelations about evil tory witch Margaret Thatcher that still reverberate across Britain to this day along with the tory scum that voted her into power(VIDEO)
  • Who are these people? – List of Judges and MP’s connections to Freemasonry & Bilderberg etc…
  • The mathematical odds of SEVEN former members of an elite drinking club (Bullyingdon and Eton) all getting top political jobs all at the same time, and all being members of the Conservative Party is at least 240 MILLION to ONE
  • Two Freemasons' lodges set up at Westminster are continuing to operate
  • Inside Britain's Israel Lobby(VIDEO)
  • Palace of Westminster renovation 'could take 32 years and cost £5.7bn'
  • Britain run by an unelected bunch of old, white, male, rich, time-serving cronies(a masonic chamber) with the power to put itself above the law to save the skin of one of its own (and they have the audacity to call it a democracy while they kiss the royal arse that feeds them)
  • Tory scumbag Cameron's family fortune made in tax havens
  • Tory scumbag Cameron's family fortune: the Jersey, Panama and Geneva connection
  • Is that the best they can come up with a tacky fucking medal?

    Just like the young boys that have no option but to join the military and are awarded tacky medals instead of a substantial salary and likewise for decades the political mafia having been treating nurses like shit with wages almost stagnant now the very bastards that voted to keep those wages LOW want to give them a tacky medal worth literally fuck all compared with maybe doubling their wages seeing they are taking so many risks thanks to the massive cutbacks the tory mafia have inflicted on the NHS for over a decade.

    A medal doesn't keep a roof over their head or to buy food or keep them warm but a decent salary like maybe paying them more than the political goons who have voted to keep them living on peanuts, THEY dont risk their lives for anyone.

  • Gutter rags medal for NHS staff now changed to give them a bonus (We found this whole campaign laughable as what good is a fucking tacky medal when they have to feed, clothe and keep a roof over their heads)
  • All five living UK Prime Ministers back Mirror campaign for medal for NHS heroes
  • Boorish Johnson: Government cannot say when lockdown eased VIDEO
    Harmsworth's gutter rag backs tory intrusion into demands for your inner circle
    Tory gutter rag that backs tory bully Patel

    How many more will she push towards suicide?????
    Tory cutbacks that killed many more through NHS austerity boot
    Now its Bojo's 'Angels'

    Three vile tory bullshitting rags about a tory bullshitter.
    Murdoch, Harmsworth and Desmond's old rag

    Johnson has backed cutting nurses salaries for over a decade and he has the utter cheek to thank them for saving his life while many were left on the breadline thanks to his vile political mafia. The very bastard that wants to stop immigration is saved by immigrants.

  • While Johnson thanked the NHS for saving his life the tory's had cut nurses pay by 12% over a decade
  • All the MPs who voted against giving nurses a pay rise in 2017. Conservative governments were responsible for implementing and keeping in place the austerity measures that kept pay for nurses, teachers, firefighters and police officers below even the rate of inflation (The hypocritical tory SCUM who voted to block nurses payrise and then claim they are now angels for saving Boris Johnson whose party backed blocking their wage rises)
  • Now its Bojo's 'Angels'(Turning Johnson into some sort of god surrounded by his angels)
  • As tory bully Patel is on her vicious DV hysteria rants the real truth of who are the REAL abusers is being exposed


    UK hunger crisis: 1.5m people go whole day without food (THANKS TO THE TORY THUGS EVIL AUSTERITY BOOT)

    A hunger crisis is rapidly developing among British people in lockdown, as millions report having to go without meals, food charities and local government have warned. Just three weeks into the lockdown, the Food Foundation said that 1.5 million Britons reported not eating for a whole day because they had no money or access to food. Some 3 million people in total were in households where someone had been forced to skip some meals. More than 1 million people reported losing all their income because of the pandemic, with over a third of them believing they would not be entitled to any government help.

    The foundation’s findings are based on a YouGov poll carried out across England, Scotland and Wales this week. Its director, Anna Taylor, said the crisis was too big to be left to food banks and local authorities without funding. “This needs urgent and substantial investment from central government which needs to put money directly into the pockets of families who can’t afford food.” Charities running food banks are also struggling to cope with a huge rise in people coming to them for emergency parcels. Sabine Goodwin, coordinator of the Independent Food Aid Network, said she feared the government was being too slow to respond and the situation was “spiralling out of control”. She said: “Food banks in our network are seeing as much as a 300% increase in footfall compared to this time last year but are still struggling to source enough appropriate food.”

    Local authorities told the Guardian that the Food Foundation findings reflected what they are seeing on the ground. In Liverpool, for example, there has been a 150% increase in emergency grants from the council to people who have no food or money for electricity since the lockdown. The city has a highly developed network of food banks and food distribution charities which have increased their operations rapidly in the last few weeks.

    FareShare, the nationwide distributor of surplus food, is now open longer hours in Liverpool – from 7am to 10pm – and has distributed £380,000 worth of goods to families in need in the last five days. Football fans supporting food banks have also raised £150,000 to buy more stock but the city’s assistant mayor, Jane Corbett, said families were being hit by “the double whammy of austerity and Covid-19” and charity was not enough on its own.

    She warned that the local authority could not pay for the impact of the pandemic without funding from government. “The fragility of our current social security system is now being seen in stark relief; extreme pressure on food banks is just one clear example. Our budget has been cut by 63% since 2013.” The numbers reporting going hungry in the last three weeks are 1.5 to two times higher than those experiencing hunger over a whole year in recent times, according to Dr Rachel Loopstra, lecturer in nutrition at King’s College London. “They suggest the Covid-19 lockdown has had a swift and devastating impact on the population’s ability to access sufficient food, both for economic reasons and because of self-isolation,” she said. YouGov polled 4,343 adults from 7-9 April and weighted its figures to represent all British adults.

    A government spokesperson said: “Public safety and making sure that those most at risk from the virus get the support they need is our top priority. People should stay at home, to help protect our NHS and save lives. “We’re working with the groceries industry, local government, local resilience and emergency partners to ensure essential items are delivered as soon as possible to the most vulnerable.”

  • The tory governments top DV hysteria promoter in bullying row: ex-Home Office chief launches tribunal claim (How heterosexual men are smeared by political scum like Patel who try and point the finger away from their own vile conduct and using their vile gutter rags to target their victims)
  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts(VIDEO)
  • Femi /homo GAYrdian promote tory bully Patel's DV hysteria during pandemic (Men need to watch their back as the bitches conspire to help themselves and their legal mafia buddies)
  • Femi / homo BBC promote tory bully Patel's DV rants
  • Top tory feminist DV ranting bully Priti Patel like a pot calling the kettle black(VIDEO)
  • DV hysteria cranks up with "Counting Dead Women" with stats that TOTALLY ignore female murderers and female child murderers (Every dodgy stat rattled off from a rabid 'man hating' feminist with NO NAMES and who TOTALLY ignore female abusers and murderers to give the judeo-masonic legal mafia the excuse to evict any men [as in their masonic tinted eyes a potential murderer]they want during lockdown stealing property and children into care homes for their satanic abuse network)
  • UK's political scum lining their pockets through crisis

  • 130,000 sign petition demanding MPs’ £10,000 work-from-home fund is scrapped (The political mafia are always looking after themselves FIRST)
  • Sign Petition: Stop MP's claiming £10,000 expenses for working from home during coronavirus outbreak
  • Top tory feminist DV ranting bully Priti Patel like a pot calling the kettle black VIDEO

  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts(VIDEO)
  • Where's Priti Patel? Why everyone is wondering why we haven't heard from the home secretary recently (the tory bullying witch that hysterically rants about domestic violence while pushing her female underlings into suicide attempts)
  • The government thug manufacturing gender biased domestic violence hysteria
  • Coronavirus: Heterosexual men at high risk of being evicted from their homes
  • There's something far more dangerous to men than coronavirus
  • Femi /homo GAYrdian promote tory bully Patel's DV hysteria during pandemic (Men need to watch their back as the bitches conspire to help themselves and their legal mafia buddies)
  • Femi / homo BBC promote tory bully Patel's DV rants (Lunatics running the asylum)
  • What happens when lawyers take over the Labour party
  • What happens when lawyers take over the Labour party

    Labour lawyer Keir Starmer another Tony Blair clone

    Labour's SMUG lawyer Nick Thomas-Symond who you are going to hear a lot more about

    As if Labour hadn't learnt their lesson when they voted lawyer Tony Blair in as leader who turned Labour into a tory party mark 2 with the accolade of becoming a renowned war criminal alongside his cowboy mate George Bush over their dodgy wars in the Middle East for and on behalf of their Israeli buddies, they now put more lawyers in charge to the enormous detriment of heterosexual men.

    We have always had doubts about Labour even as the only alternative to the tory mafia, Labour is full of lawyers especially man hating feminist lawyers like Harriet Harman with a long track record of acting as a mouthpiece for the law society terrorists under the Labour umbrella. Corbyn kept her in check but now lawyer Starmer has been voted in as their new leader things can only get much worse for heterosexual men when they are all lackeys for the Law society persecution campaigns that strip men bare under the guise of their domestic abuse mantra.

    One of the first to be selected by Starmer is SMUG lawyer Nick Thomas-Symond as shadow home secretary who has immediately shown his true law society colours by claiming more money is needed for the law society's domestic violence scams that are used to bleed men dry HERE .

    While Thomas-Symond is happily bashing heterosexual men he is also voting for homosexual rights and homosexual marriage and is typical of the lawyers who bleed heterosexual men dry while pushing a homosexual agenda. See his voting record below.

    Also a letter he signed with other MP's below

    Labour are now about to restart their man hating attacks with this utter bullshit so they can line their lawyer buddies bank accounts thanks to Starmer and his lawyer croney's. We can guarantee the right wing rags that are also controlled by lawyers under the orders of the law society will give them high praise for backing warmongering Israel and Starmer is already turning Labour back into a Blair style mafia and will no doubt back more unrest across the Middle East to satisfy Netanyahu and his war criminal zionist pals.

  • Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts(VIDEO)
  • Labours new glut of lawyers like Nick Thomas-Symond pushing the law society domestic violence scams (Labour is turning into an arm of the law society's ruthless persecution of men caught up in their sinister family courts)
  • Labour reshuffle begins as Keir Starmer fires and hires shadow cabinet (He also apologised for anti-Semitism in the party which he said brought ‘grief’ to Jewish communities, and promised to ‘turn over a new leaf’)
  • 150,000 Brits will die an 'avoidable death' during coronavirus pandemic through depression, domestic violence and suicides (Lawyer controlled gutter rag DV hysteria will mean many more men will be kicked out on the streets and far more suicidal after being destroyed by family court judges and lawyers)
  • Labour once again taken over by lawyers(Blair now Starmer) turning it back into another zionist funded right wing tory party who back the Israeli lobby first and foremost while attacking heterosexual mens estates with their feminist / lawyer spun DV hysteria
  • How Does Keir Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet Stack Up On Human Rights? (NOT if your a heterosexual male)
  • Labour's lawyer Starmer praised in lawyer controlled gutter rags while Corbyn smeared (The whole of Britain's vile rags have at their helm a law society plant overseeing what propaganda and bullshit they are pumping out)
  • Lawyer Nick Thomas-Symonds was elected as the Labour MP for Torfaen in May 2015
  • Shining a light on Labour’s new Shadow Home Secretary lawyer Nick Thomas-Symonds (He resigned from the shadow cabinet in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership)
  • Johnson in hospital exposes Israeli lobby in total control of the UK
  • Check out Nick Thomas-Symonds MP twitter feed
  • Labour has been turned into the long arm of the Israeli lobby via the Jewish Labour Movement (This lot aided and abetted bringing down Labour at the last election to let the tory scum back into power AGAIN)
  • Jewish news reports on how far Keir Starmer will go to turn Labour into an arm of the Israeli lobby (Labour will now no longer operate for and on behalf of British people but operate soley to appease a tiny minority who see Israel as their main country)
  • Johnson in hospital exposes Israeli lobby in total control of the UK

    Dominic Raab jewish lawyer and now unelected tory leader and Prime Minister

    Deviously the Israeli lobby had been controlling British politics for decades until it was exposed now they are open about it and anyone who dares criticize Israel is labelled an anti-semite. At the last election the zionist leaning gutter rags ensured Corbyn, who supported Palestine and Gaza, was smeared and framed endlessly and allowed the jewish run tory party to walk into 10 Downing street thanks to every English voting tory. They should hang their fucking heads in shame.

    DO they work for the best interest of Brits or Israel? Just one look at the streets of Britain shows the vast homelessness they have been responsible for and the mushrooming food banks British peasants are forced to rely on thanks to the tory scum who DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about Britain while endlessly pledging allegiance to Israel and its merry band of global helpers like MOSSAD.

  • Inside Britain's Israel Lobby (EXPOSED)(VIDEO)
  • Jewish tory lawyer Raab now running Britain
  • Times of Israel report "Dominic Raab, karate kid with a Jewish father, named UK foreign secretary"
  • Times of Israel report "Five Jewish things to know about Boris Johnson" (Johnson’s maternal great-grandfather, Elias Avery Lowe, was a Moscow-born Jew)
  • Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (19th June 1964) is a Jewish politician serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since July 2019
  • Why Britain’s Jews love Boris
  • Many Jews want Boris Johnson out. But how can we vote for Jeremy Corbyn?
  • Even Boris Johnson claimed "Jews control the media"
  • Times of Israel report "After Corbyn, UK Labour elects Keir Starmer, Zionist with Jewish wife, as leader" (New opposition chief immediately apologizes to Jews for anti-Semitism in ranks, vows to ‘tear out this poison’; his wife comes from a Jewish family, has relatives in Tel Aviv)
  • The Jewish Chronicle reports "Sir Keir Starmer: I will judge my success at tackling Labour antisemitism by the return of Jewish members"
  • Tory zionist leaning gutter rag the Daily Rat reported "Sir Keir Starmer and a question of cowardice: He seldom talked of his family's Jewish links while anti-semitism raged in Labour and - as he stands poised to become party leader"
  • While Jeremy Corbyn was being smeared as a racist, Boris Johnson’s adviser was embracing a real fascist
  • Murdoch ugly right wing rag reports "BOJO JOY FOR JEWS Boris Johnson praised and Jeremy Corbyn slammed over contrasting treatment of British Jews"
  • The Jewish Chronicle reported Boris claiming "Maybe there was some kind of fiddling of the figures by the oligarchs who ran the TV stations (and who were mainly, as some lost no time in pointing out, of Jewish origin)"
  • The Independent reports "Boris Johnson book depicts Jews as controlling the media and being able to “fiddle” elections"
  • The Jewish Chronicle reports " 'Every decent person in this country' fighting antisemitism, says Boris Johnson in Chanukah message"
  • New Labour leader Starmer praised by Jewish groups for 'good start'
  • New Labour lawyer leader Starmer's first job is to appease the Israeli mafia
  • Jewish world reports "Twice in 24 hours: New UK Labour chief Sir Keir Starmer apologizes for anti-Semitism"
  • Jewish news reports "UK’s Labour elects new leader Keir Starmer after Corbyn with FIRST goal to quash anti-Semitism in party"
  • Haaretz Israel reports "Keir Starmer is The Right Man to Detoxify Labour From Corbynist anti-Semitism"
  • 'Every Jew watching noticed that': David Baddiel tweets his concerns as Jeremy Corbyn mis-pronounces Jeffrey Epstein's surname (That they claim makes him an antisemite talking about jewish thug and sex slave procurer Jeffrey Epstein)
  • Jewish news multiple reports on new labour leader 'Sir Keir Starmer'
  • Tory gutter rags turn Boris into a CV god

    Murdoch, Harmsworth and Desmond's dirty old far right wing rag

    If its not the royal parasite's ass they are kissing it's her hand picked Eton groomed lackey

  • Emily Maitlis praised as she slams 'misleading' language used amid coronavirus crisis (Maitlis began: “They tell us coronavirus is a great leveller. It’s not. It’s much, much harder if you’re poor. How do we stop it making social inequality even greater?” The host appeared to take aim at ministers for suggesting Covid-19 could be survived by showing “fortitude” and “strength of character”)
  • Sturgeon cannot claim to speak for all of Scotland when discussing the tory mafia's health
  • Boris Johnson admitted to hospital due to COVID-19 VIDEO
    Tory Rat Rees Mogg coining it in over coronavirus

  • Tory scumbag Rees Mogg's firm set to make fortune from the coronavirus crisis
  • Never underestimate the nastiness of the tory scum

    While their gutter rags rant on about all the supposed HELP that is being given to employees over coronavirus they conveniently forget to mention how behind closed doors the FTSE bosses have made sure tory policy has allowed them to use compulsory redundancy against large groups of employees prior to them coming up with a scheme that saves those employers paying the staff they have kept on any salaries.

    The self employed who don't matter have already found negotiating the tory scum's Universal Credit scam is like climbing Mount Everest and many will now realise putting a tory government back in charge will ensure millions will still fall through the safety net the tory's claim is now in place.

    Only one example of the nastiness of employers came when without notice waiters in a highland hotel were kicked out of their accommodation which came with their employment at the hotel with NO NOTICE to find themselves with no money, no home and no way of returning to their native lands thanks to travel restrictions.

    Despite the glowing reports by their gutter rags make no mistake large groups of former employees and the self employed will be in dire straits due to the lack of speed and mountains of bureaucracy in their way before they receive any modicum of assistance and will find out how millions of the disabled and poor have had to survive for over a decade with the draconian austerity measures made against them.

    Their gutter rags will still claim the tory's are doing a good job for everyone caught up in this madness but the selective way certain groups will be safer and the rest can go to the wall is very typical of the tory mafia looking after ONLY their own while everyone else can wallow in ever increasing debt mountains that will make life much worse after this coronavirus scare is over.

  • Mounting anger among the self-employed over what they see as insufficient support in the emergency measures announced on Friday evening (Tory's only help big business)
  • Tory's forced to pay 80% of wages for employees not working, up to £2,500 a month due to the coronavirus pandemic (Ten years of austerity wiped out and the pain and suffering of the poorest and most vulnerable could have been avoided)
  • Coronavirus: Hotel staff sacked and made homeless
  • Unite union says it has received reports that the leisure chain G1 Group has sacked many of its staff (Tory backing businesses using backdoor methods of compulsory redundancies keeping on staff who will get 80% of their salaries paid)
  • Pandemic exposes Britain's horrendous TORY run welfare system that has brought millions to their knees
  • Devastating toll of coronavirus on UK workforce in just one week: Hotel sacks employees and leaves them homeless, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic tell crews to take unpaid leave while businesses shed up to 80% of staff
  • Coronavirus: Hotel made staff homeless in 'admin error' (Britannia Hotel chain maybe the worst run hotels in the UK)
  • Coronavirus recession not yet a depression (But the tory's will have ALL the excuses in the world to fuck up the lives of those now open to be targeted)
  • Coronavirus scare - the hoax of the century? (Dr Vernon Coleman explains why he thinks the current hysteria over the coronavirus has a hidden agenda)(VIDEO)
  • Johnson makes sure he can wipe his arse while demanding peasants stop panic buying
    You couldn't pick a bigger bunch of incompetent bastards to get the UK over the virus scare

    Tory bastards always only ever look after their own promoted by their gutter rags

  • Coronavirus: Renters 'need more help' in UK's plans (Tory voting mortgage payers get priority)
  • 'Boris has thrown our industry under a bus' Edinburgh restaurant slams UK Government's coronavirus response
  • 'The TORY government has abandoned us': gig economy workers struggle to cope
  • 'Boris has thrown our industry under a bus' Edinburgh restaurant slams tory coronavirus response


    As with everyone else in the industry, we have been struggling to comprehend what the fuck we are supposed to do following the Government’s announcement yesterday.

    Without strong and decisive action from our government to close all bars and restaurants, Boris has essentially thrown our industry under the bus! Leaving many of us little choice but to try and stay open, but only after telling the public to stay away! . This leaves us no chance of compensation through insurance, nor any clear guidance to what help might come our way.

    Pathetic and weak action from a government that needed to show some sort of leadership now more than ever. We will be open until we get clearer guidance of what we can do to support our business, our hard working staff and our loyal customers.

    If you need to get out of the house and to escape the madness that this country is descending into, we would love to see some of you in our doors and would appropriate any support. But please, if you show any symptoms then please stay home and look after yourself and your families.

    Looking forward to brighter times.

    Much love from Scott, Laura and the Fhior Team

  • Tory's give illusion they give a fuck about people dying from coronavirus

    Don't be fooled by the rhetoric the tory scum have been responsible for MORE deaths in Britain than any other political party. Their evil extreme austerity has been killing the most vulnerable peasants en masse and how they view them as the NOT worthy.

    They don't give a fuck about anyone else but themselves and their rich backers now losing fortunes on their capitalist share racketeering as they plummet over the coronavirus epidemic.

  • Johnson couldn't give a fuck about the ongoing coronavirus deaths just as none of the tory's gave a fuck about the thousands of lives lost thanks to their extreme austerity and the financial and psychological torture they inflicted, via their state assassins the DWP, on the poorest and most vunerable
  • Corbyn exposes the myth of the tory's spending plans (Ten years and more of extreme austerity and the long trail of the dead thanks to their vile agenda)(VIDEO)
  • While Britain's political scum have imposed murderous austerity on the weakest of its citizens they plan on spending anywhere between £3.9bn and £6.3bn on their crumbling crooked palace
  • The tory scum's long trail of the dead
  • My battle to expose government corruption VIDEO
    Britain in safe hands during virus crisis
    New Spitting image puppets back on TV

  • The tory government thug manufacturing gender biased domestic violence scams


    You just couldn't make this utter bullshit up. Priti Patel gets a full page in Harmsworth's nasty rag HERE to rant on about wanting to protect women from all us bad men while allegations of her extensive bullying threats and intimidation are being exposed to the point one female tried to take her life in an overdose attempt.

    There is no more extreme powers abused daily in freemason run family courts than those that smear and frame men for all sorts of abuses while they fleece those men of their lifes work. Patel's extensive rantings exposes how the very bastards who use bullying tactics to get their way in government try and point the finger away from their own extreme conduct and on to those they want to fleece while hypocritically claiming to protect the very women she herself bullies to the point of near suicide.

    For anyone to take these nasty fuckers seriously needs their head examined to not see past the utter bullshit they claim is to protect while it is a means to bully a whole class of males caught up in the mindless mayhem the family courts have created that has left a long trail of dead men through suicide thanks to the psychological and financial torture inflicted by state assassins the law society and sanctioned by a political mafia.

    See their other state assassins the DWP for the other long trail of the dead who faced brutal psychological and financial torture prior to their demise. Nasty Patel was ALSO part of their tyranny and the thuggery inflicted on the weakest and most vulnerable in society they are truly fucking monsters.

    Also the vast numbers of women tortured by the DWP and living like paupers thanks to the tory mafia and the billions STOLEN by the tory scum when pensions were robbed from elderly women prior to them retiring.


  • Priti Patel staff member received £25k payout over bullying allegations (the woman took an overdose of prescription medicine following the alleged incident in 2015)
  • Pressure mounts on Priti Patel to quit amid fresh bullying claims (The embattled minister was accused of shouting at a former aide with “unprovoked aggression” before removing her from her job. The aide received a £25,000 government payout after a threatened lawsuit in which Patel was named, the report said, adding that Patel was accused of shouting at the aide to “get lost” and “get out of her face”)
  • Tory thugs running their state assassins the DWP and how the vulnerable and disabled are being treated so wickedly (An official in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) received a £25,000 payout after alleging she was bullied by Ms Patel in 2015 during her time as employment minister)
  • Harmsworth's far right wing gutter rag gives platform to tory bully Patel and her hypocritical bullshit about wanting to protect women(While a women under her control tried suicide over Patel's bullying)
  • From unflappable civil servant to Priti Patel’s biggest headache
  • Two more civil servants say they were aware of Home Secretary Priti Patel's 'bullying behaviour' when she was head of the Department for International Development
  • Lawyer run Women's Aid pushing for more anti male laws (They need to smear and frame men as an excuse to relieve them of the family silver)
  • Tory state assassins the DWP accused of offering disabled people 'take it or leave it' benefits
  • Tory feminist witch Mark 3 but will it all end in tears again?

    We'll preempt the scenario when another tory feminist witch bites the dust

  • Top civil servant in the Home Office has resigned over tory thuggery inside government starting with screaming banshee Priti Patel that included "shouting and swearing" and "belittling people" (What happens when you vote a murderous tory regime into power who will go to any lengths to push through their madness and mayhem)
  • Tory witch Priti Patel’s future in doubt after senior Home Office civil servant resigns over bullying claims
  • Home Office: Sir Philip Rutnam's resignation statement in full exposing tory witch bitch Priti Patel
  • Tory witch Patel 'deeply concerned' by 'false MI5 claims' misogyny blamed for her bullying stance (You just cannot make this utter bullshit up a FEMALE minister accused of bullying staff then her backers claim its misogyny at fault)
  • Tory witch Priti Patel 'tried to force out top civil servant' denies claims that she "bullied and belittled" officials
  • Immigrants built Britain. Now their Conservative children are disowning them (‘Now EU citizens have been downgraded, a new caste of immigrants must be demonised.’ Priti Patel and Sajid Javid at Tilbury docks)
  • Tory witch Priti Patel will deport her own parents under tough new Immigration Points System
  • Priti Patel: Brexit right-winger laying down the law (Another tory feminist monster coming out of the woodwork who was previously sacked from the cabinet for secret meetings with the Israeli government)
  • In 2017 Israel Lobby Mourns the Loss of a Valuable British Asset tory witch Priti Patel who was forced to resign
  • The thugs and bullyboys at the heart of the tory government
  • The House of 'Lording It Up' again

  • House of Lords expenses spiral out of control up 26%
  • Tory's have a new witch bitch in power after Thatcher and May

    Priti Patel the new feminist witch and bully at the tory helm.
    More like Priti AWFUL BULLY.

  • Home Office at war after staff accuse tory witch bitch Priti Patel of bullying
  • Another tory bullying witch bitch at the Home Office
  • Johnson advisors racist leanings

  • Johnson axes cabinet

    Only when Britain is free of an evil tory rule will the peasants prosper
    Ted Heath Mike Tarraga And The Meat Rack Boy - Anna Brees VIDEO
    Cameron's gunslinger left weapon in toilet plane

  • David Cameron's police bodyguard is SUSPENDED after sparking panic on BA flight from New York to London when passenger found loaded Glock pistol he accidentally left in jet's toilet (No shortage of vast arsenals to protect Britain's vile establishment while they disarmed the peasants after Dunblane)
  • If you tell a BIG lie long enough

    The lunatics really are running Britain's printing asylums when they spout this endless bullshit. In all the decades Britain has been ruled over by the tory scum NEVER have the peasants lives boomed. Maybe the billionaires that bankroll the tory mafia into power see their bank accounts booming but NEVER, and it NEVER will boom for the majority of Brits who wont see any improvement in their lives under a mass murdering bunch of crooked bastards that masquerade as a political party, a tory fascist boot.

    The same brainwashed mindset who support the evil British monarchy are the same brainwashed mindset who vote in a vile regime with a long trail of peasants blood on their hands and to watch as this cynical propaganda is played out to promote such a regime would make the average Joe nauseous. NO Eton groomed arsehole will ever create a climate where Britain's peasants prosper and during the last decade many of those peasants have died from the brutal psychological and financial mind games set up by the tory state assassins the DWP to destroy many millions of lives on their fairy tale legislation that intends to brutally cut the last vestiges of a pittance they were receiving taken away completely with many ending up suicidal their 'Universal' credit being used to CULL the population.

    For this vile right wing gutter rag to print this despicable lie to cover up those mass murders shows the degree to which twisted bastards trying to run a murderous government can use billionaire print owners to provide the utter propaganda and bullshit to prop up their vile plot to finish off as many of those they class as not worthy.

    England's tory voting scum should hang their heads in shame for allowing these fucking monsters to have anything to do with the running of a country that only ever sees their few rich backers as the benefactors of their evil policies that will forever enslave the rest of the population and death for the many at the very bottom of the ladder.

  • ‘He was fit for hospital, not for work’: the people failed by the benefits system (Three case studies highlight what might have gone wrong in the dozens of benefit-related suicides investigated by the DWP)
  • At least 69 suicides linked to DWP's handling of benefit claims (A vast underestimate of the real numbers)
  • Tory filth's Universal credit rollout delayed again until 2024(How to impose destitution on a whole tier of society)
  • Tory ministers blow £100k on 'propaganda' rival to school cuts info website
  • Murderous tory's long trail of the dead
  • Barclay Bros gutter rag promotes tory Brexshit clown

    Assholes that don't even reside in Britain using their gutter rags to manipulate the dumbed down
    We “slaughtered” Jeremy Corbyn, says Israel lobbyist VIDEO

    A prominent Israel lobbyist in the UK has claimed credit for last month’s electoral defeat of the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn.

    “The beast is slain,” Joe Glasman delighted – Corbyn has been “slaughtered.”

    He rejoiced that “we defeated him” in the election. “They tried to kill us,” he ranted, but “we won.” Glasman leads the “political investigations team” at the Campaign Against Antisemitism, or CAA – an influential anti-Palestinian lobby group. He made his comments in a bizarre video rant addressed to his team of supporters that he posted online during the holiday break.

    The video was soon set to private.

    But left-wing Labour activists managed to download a copy and posted it on the Barnet Momentum Facebook page. In the video Glasman claimed he and his supporters beat Corbyn through a coordinated campaign using methods including “our spies and intel.” But he said his group were “not secret Mossad spies, they’re just ordinary people.”

    The video swiftly became an embarrassment. Other copies posted online have been taken down following copyright claims by Glasman. The Electronic Intifada is reposting the full video to our YouTube channel for news reporting purposes.

    Partisan “charity”

    After he was subjected to a four-year witch hunt targeting the left and Palestine solidarity activists over alleged “Labour anti-Semitism,” Corbyn lost last month’s general election. The Campaign Against Antisemitism was founded in 2014 during Israel’s war against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, to counter rising criticism of Israel. It did so primarily by smearing critics as anti-Semitic. It has been one of the most active right-wing Zionist groups promoting the false notion that Labour became an anti-Semitic party after Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership in 2015.

    But as anti-Zionist Palestine solidarity campaigner Tony Greenstein recently put it, “The one thing that the Campaign Against Antisemitism doesn’t do is to campaign against anti-Semitism.” In fact, Greenstein argued on his blog, “anti-Semitism of the traditional kind is all but ignored by it, but [fake] ‘anti-Semitism’ of the anti-Zionist or pro-Palestinian variety is very much its concern.”

    Despite being a registered charity, and thus supposedly non-partisan, the CAA openly campaigned against Labour and against Corbyn. It organized demonstrations against Labour, including one days before last month’s general election. Greenstein has complained to the Charity Commission, calling for the regulator to remove the group’s tax-exempt status.

    Anti-Palestinian agenda

    The Campaign Against Antisemitism habitually smears Palestinians and their supporters. In 2017, it attacked Malaka Shwaikh, a Palestinian from Gaza then running in student elections in Exeter. The attacks sparked a barrage of threats and harassment against her.

    Now a lecturer at the University of Leeds, Shwaikh told The Electronic Intifada at the time, “The right of free speech on campus has been threatened.”

  • Vile tory rag promotes 'Work til you drop' agenda

    Claims of "Who want to carry on working" are right wing bullshit as many are forced to work into old age because of tory state pension age increases and who are unable to afford to live, even when many of them have disabilities associated with ageing.
    Contract on Corbyn: His real sin fighting against injustice in the world, including the version Israel perpetrates



    The Jewish establishment in Britain and the Israeli propaganda machine have taken out a contract on the leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. The contract was taken out a long time ago, and it was clear that the closer Corbyn came to being elected prime minister, the harsher the conflict would get.

    On Tuesday it reached its climax in an article by the chief rabbi of Britain, Ephraim Mirvis, in The Times. Mirvis has decided that the anxiety of British Jews over Corbyn is justified and he is not fit to be prime minister. He called on Jews not to vote for Labour in the election on December 12. Born in South Africa and a graduate of Har Etzion Yeshiva in the settlement of Alon Shvut, Mirvis is the voice of British Jewry. In Capetown, Johannesburg and Har Etzion, he should have learned what apartheid was and why one should fight it. His parents did so, but one doubts that he learned the moral lesson from the regions of disenfranchisement in which he lived in South Africa and the West Bank.

    As opposed to the horrid Corbyn, Mirvis sees nothing wrong with the continued occupation; he does not identify with the struggle for Palestinian freedom, and he doesn’t sense the similarity between the South Africa of his childhood, Har Etzion of his youth and Israel of 2019. That is the real reason that he rejects Corbyn. The Jews of Britain also want a prime minister who supports Israel – that is, supports the occupation. A prime minister who is critical of Israel is to them an exemplar of the new anti-Semitism. Corbyn is not an anti-Semite. He never was. His real sin is his staunch position against injustice in the world, including the version Israel perpetrates. Today this is anti-Semitism. The Hungarian Viktor Orban, the Austrian Freedom Party and the extreme right in Europe are not the danger to Jews. Corbyn is the enemy. The new and efficient strategy of Israel and the Zionist establishment brands every seeker of justice as an anti-Semite, and any criticism of Israel as hatred of Jews. Corbyn is a victim of this strategy, which threatens to paralyze and silence Europe with regard to Israel.

    British Jewry might not be faking its anxiety, but it is certainly magnifying the danger. There is anti-Semitism, though less than what is presented, certainly on the left. About half of British Jews are considering fleeing if Corbyn is elected. Let them flee. The survey that showed this could actually encourage anti-Semitism: Are the Jews of Britain conditionally British? To whom is their loyalty? The future of all British Jews is much more secure than the future of any Palestinian living under the occupation, and even more secure than that of any Arab living in Israel. Jews are persecuted and are victims of discrimination and racism less so than the Palestinians in the Israel they hold dear. Moreover, Islamophobia in Europe is more common than anti-Semitism, but people talk about it less.

    Mirvis presents no evidence of Corbyn’s anti-Semitism. It sufficed for him to note the fact that Corbyn described as “friends” those who “endorse the murder of Jews” – a reference to Corbyn’s comments on Hezbollah and Hamas. Corbyn is indeed a very harsh critic of the occupation, supports the boycott and compares the closure of Gaza with the siege of Stalingrad and Leningrad. These are anti-Israeli positions, but not necessarily anti-Semitic. The Jews of Britain are blurring this difference as are many Jews throughout the world, intentionally. One can (and should) be a harsh critic of Israel without being anti-Semitic. If the Jews of Britain and their chief rabbi were more honest and courageous, they would ask themselves: Isn’t Israel’s brutal occupation policy the strongest motive for anti-Semitism today? There is anti-Semitism, it must be fought, but it must also be recognized that Israel supplies it an abundance of excuses and motives.

    The Jews and Israel’s true friends should hope that Corbyn is elected. He is a statesman who can change international discourse about the occupation and the struggle against it. He is a ray of hope for a different world and a different Israel – and what more could we want.

  • Boris Johnson's Russian jewish ancestry (No wonder the Israeli lobby was so desperate to get the murdering bastard into 10 Downing Street while smearing Corbyn and Labour as antisemitic with the backing of their controlled gutter rags)
  • Claims that UK Polling Stations at 2019 election were rigged with pencil votes erased (VIDEO)
  • Police open investigation into 'electoral fraud' from 'deep inside Boris Johnson's team' (If British cops are in charge NOTHING will happen)
  • Boris Johnson’s BDS ban recalls Margaret Thatcher’s support of Apartheid South Africa
  • Jews Breathe Heavy Sigh of Relief After Corbyn's Devastating UK Labour Loss (Israeli lobby attacks against Corbyn for DARING to support Gaza and Palestine. Israel and its puppets massively interfering in British elections backed by mossad controlled gutter rags)
  • Labour Party descends into chaos as the party’s Blairite(Israeli lobby) faction attempts to oust leader Jeremy Corbyn
  • Jewish MP's (Labour Friends of Israel) get gutter rag platform to demand Labour returns to a Blairite style jewish funded Israeli backing mafia
  • Harmsworth's gutter rag mocks someone who spoke out for the disadvantaged and Gaza as something BAD
  • Claims that UK Polling Stations at 2019 election were rigged with pencil votes erased VIDEO

    This is why the polling stations across the UK have been giving out pencils. Rumours were true after all, the election was rigged. Please share and get the message out there - NO ONE HAS THE FREEDOM TO VOTE!

  • The Contract on Corbyn: Corbyn is not an anti-Semite. His real sin is to fight against injustice in the world, including the version Israel perpetrates
  • Tory record on the NHS
    Johnson offered reporters tea as he stayed quiet over burka row (From Aug 2018) VIDEO
    Mass murdering scum give mass murdering scum knighthood

    NOW PASSED 200,000

    More than 100,000 people have signed a petition to block former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith from receiving his knighthood.

    The petition, which had attracted nearly 120,000 signatures by 11am today, claimed that as work and pensions secretary under David Cameron, Sir Iain was the architect of 'cruel and extreme welfare reforms' like Universal Credit. However, the decision was praised by former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who tweeted: 'I have never worked alongside someone more willing to face unpopularity for standing up for his deeply held principles and moral convictions.'

    Meanwhile, opposition parties said it 'beggared belief' that someone whose policies had caused so much distress should be honoured in this way. Labour's Lisa Nandy lambasted the award, tweeting that it was a 'disgraceful decision by Boris Johnson to reward a legacy of cruelty and failure'.

    'This regime deliberately removed the safety net. It stripped people of their dignity. There is no honour in that.' In government, Sir Iain argued the changes were designed to end the benefits trap, ensuring that it always paid for claimants to take work, while simplifying the system.

    However, complications with the roll-out of the new system and delays in making payments were blamed for driving thousands of low-income families into poverty. In 2016, Sir Iain unexpectedly resigned from the Cabinet, attacking the Government's policy of welfare cuts.

    He was an ardent Brexiteer and, as a backbencher, was a leading light in the Tory European Research Group (ERG) which proved to be such a thorn in the side of Theresa May. A Labour Party spokesman said it was 'unfortunate to see that one of Boris Johnson's first priorities' was to reward Sir Iain - the 'primary architect of the cruel Universal Credit system, which has pushed thousands of people into poverty' - with a knighthood.

    'Boris Johnson should be trying to fix his party's shameful mistakes, not give out rewards to those responsible for its failure,' they said. Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine said Sir Iain had been responsible for creating a welfare system in which people were expected to survive for weeks without payment, causing 'untold stress'.

    'It beggars belief that Iain Duncan Smith has been rewarded in the New Year's Honours list,' she said. 'He is the architect of Universal Credit - a failed system that has left thousands of families struggling to pay bills and buy food.'

  • Iain Duncan-Smith should not receive a Knighthood petition here
  • Arise,EVIL TORY BASTARD Sir Iain Duncan Smith – the man whose welfare reforms shame Britain
  • England's shocking homelessness figures which many ignored and voted the tory SCUM back into power while 200,000 homes lie empty (England has a SHAMEFUL record on voting for FAR RIGHT WING MURDERING TORY SCUM going back to Thatcher and Heath and almost as if they RELISH the extreme punishment these evil bastards met out to the poorest and most vulnerable sections of their own country who are dying in their thousands many pushed into suicide. WHAT EVIL CRETINS THINK THAT IS ACCEPTABLE?)
  • Nationalism in England is not just a right wing nostalgia trip (NO fucking shame for England's tory voting scum who continue to vote in mass murderers as their leaders. NO wonder the EDL and BNP do so well in what can only be described as a ruthless state no better than their pals in Israel. Civil war will be triggered if this lot continue to destroy lives as no decent man can stand back and watch the long trail of the tory dead continue unabated. How can they claim it is a democracy when a majority want mass murderers in charge?)
  • Long trail of the tory dead
  • This petition objects to the Knighthood of Iain Duncan Smith
    During his time as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith was responsible for some of the cruellest most extreme welfare reforms this country has ever seen. Under his stewardship of the Department of Work and Pensions the UK became the first country to face a United Nations enquiry into human rights abuses against disabled people – an investigation which later confirmed that our government had been guilty of “grave and systemic violations of the rights of disabled people”.

    The suffering and impoverishment which are a direct result of the welfare reforms he has implemented are now undeniable. The callous and humiliating Work Capability Assessments where people with chronic disability are required to continuously prove they are deserving of their welfare payments or else be stripped of their entitlements have caused needless stress and misery. They have also been directly associated with relapses of depression and anxiety in patients with chronic mental illness. They have even been linked to excess deaths through suicide.

    As a NHS psychiatrist I have had the experience of being sat in A&E departments with people diagnosed with chronic mental illness who have been driven to panic attacks, acute relapses of their depressive illness and to suicidal ideation as a result of the anxiety caused by these tests and over the prospect of losing the welfare payments they and carers rely on. This has only intensified with the chaos and uncertainty of Universal Credit a system known to be causing hardship to millions and for which Iain Duncan-Smith is again culpable.

    Over the past decade of austerity, very little has demonstrated the callousness and incompetence of this Tory government than their treatment of people with disabilities and mental illness. There is no place for these cruel dehumanising measures in any civilised compassionate society, and the fact that Iain Duncan Smith the individual responsible and the architect of such misery, is to receive the honour of a knighthood is an insult to the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable individuals across this country who are suffering as a result of his policies and to those who have tragically lost loved ones as a direct result. He must not be knighted.

  • The utter scum getting rewards for mass murder and false rape convictions

  • More than 100,000 people sign a petition to block ex-work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith from receiving his knighthood (The tory mass murdering SCUM claims he had been the architect of 'cruel and extreme welfare reforms')
  • Vile and creepy dishonours list gets MUCH worse as Iain Duncan Smith gets knighted for aiding and abetting the tory's mass slaughter of the peasants while controlling the state assassins the DWP (Also a huge glut of celebrities prepared to kiss the royal arse)
  • Gutter rag celebrates mass murdering tory scum getting knighted (Complications with the roll-out of the vile Universal Credit scam caused delays in payments and were blamed for driving thousands of low-income families into poverty and DEATH)
  • New year dishonours list 2020: Anger over honour for ex-law chief Alison Saunders (She was condemned by MP's for failing to get to grips with the omission by police and prosecutors to disclose evidence in rape and sexual offence cases)
  • Pet with its owner after wangling winning Crufts
    Tory scumbag Bojo mingled with Russian elite amid claims of Moscow interference in UK politics

    Johnson socialises with Evgeny Lebedev at a party along with his sister Rachel Johnson, went to the champagne-fuelled Christmas party in London on 13 December hosted by former KGB agent Alexander Lebedev, with Evgeny Lebedev at a charity event in 2009, attended Evgeny Lebedev’s Christmas party a day after Johnson’s landslide election win , and socialises at a party Evening Standard owner Lebedev hosted.

    Johnson visit to Lebedev party after election result odd move for 'people's PM'

    It was the equivalent of a V-sign cheerfully flashed at his critics. The day after his landslide election victory, Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds dropped into a caviar-fuelled Christmas party in London hosted by former KGB agent Alexander Lebedev and his son Evgeny. During the campaign Johnson had stubbornly refused to publish the Russia report, written by the last parliament’s intelligence and security committee.

    Its contents have still not been revealed. But it is understood to examine the extent of Moscow influence on British politics – and the way in which the Russian elite has established a powerful lobby in the UK through lavish expenditure and networking. The Lebedev family insist that they are merely entrepreneurs and media proprietors. Nonetheless, the party – held to celebrate Alexander’s 60th birthday – was a practical demonstration of how extensive their connections are, stretching all the way to Downing Street.

    Johnson was one of several top politicians who turned up to the event, held at the Lebedev family’s £6m stuccoed mansion overlooking Regent’s Park. Guests included David and Samantha Cameron and George Osborne, now a Lebedev employee as Evening Standard editor. From the Blairite left, Peter Mandelson and Tristram Hunt were also in attendance. Others invited to the vodka and caviar birthday party included Mick Jagger, Princess Eugenie, the actors Matt Smith and Rosamund Pike, and the model Lily Cole. Comedians Eddie Izzard and David Baddiel, the artist Grayson Perry and sculptor Antony Gormley were also there. Missing this year was the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

    As grand as the list was, the newly elected prime minister’s presence – the night after his election win – was eye-catching. Johnson has long been a celebrity as well as a politician – but for a leader who promised to lead a “people’s government”, to rub shoulders with such an exclusive elite as one of his first public acts after victory might seem a little incongruous. Jeremy Corbyn was invited, but didn’t attend. (The invite, for the record, shows a youthful Alexander holding a toddler Evgeny.) In the Labour leader’s absence the Lebedevs hired a Corbyn impersonator, who mingled with guests as they sipped Ruinart champagne and tucked into plates of caviar. There was also a Johnson lookalike, perhaps hired just in case the real prime minister didn’t show up.

    Johnson’s decision to call in on the Lebedevs might be explained as an act of political homage. The Lebedevs own the Evening Standard. Over the summer the newspaper endorsed Johnson to succeed Theresa May. It backed him again last month as the best candidate to be prime minister, an opinion at odds with the left-leaning, Remain-backing Londoners who form its target audience. What lies behind the prime minister’s reluctance to publish the Russia report has yet to be explained. He has dismissed the suggestion of Kremlin interference in the EU referendum vote. And yet on a busy day laced with history, Johnson chose to celebrate with a foreign intelligence officer with the rank of a lieutenant colonel, who graduated from the KGB’s Red Banner Institute.

    As a young spy Lebedev served with the KGB’s first directorate. During the late Thatcher years he worked at the Soviet embassy in London, not far from the office in Kensington High Street where the Standard is based today. In the 1990s Lebedev senior swapped cold war spying for banking. In 2009 he bought a majority share in the Standard. That complicated history has never put Johnson off spending time with the family. As London mayor, Johnson made repeated trips to the Lebedevs’ luxurious palazzo in Ronti, Italy, and to Evgeny’s parties in London in 2010. He was one of an array of celebrities and actors who flew out to the villa for lavish weekends, complete with a Michelin-starred private chef and a dressing-up box filed with exotic costumes. Evgeny’s pet wolves – one of them called Boris – would pad around as the great and the good enjoyed themselves.

    Sometimes Johnson took his wife Marina Wheeler, from whom he is now divorcing. But in April 2018, at the height of the crisis over the poisoning of Russian former spy Sergei Skripal, Johnson flew to Perugia on his own. He was foreign secretary. In a highly unusual move, he left his security detail behind. The following morning he was spotted queuing at the airport for a flight home, looking crumpled and hungover. What was the purpose of the trip? Johnson won’t say. In September, Alexander Lebedev told the Guardian he wasn’t at the palazzo. Two months later, speaking at the Moscow launch of his memoir, Hunt the Banker, Lebedev said he did go to the villa. He didn’t meet Johnson there, he said, instead merely calling in to wish his son a happy birthday.

    Guests portray Evgeny as a needy and even lonely figure, craving companionship, and happiest in his Italian home, away from the burdens of being a media owner. They suggest he doesn’t really get politics per se. But, they add, he enjoys the superficial side of mingling with powerful individuals. Newly arrived visitors are invited to make a Russian-style toast to Evgeny and to perform a ‘turn’ of some kind – a sketch or speech. A lot of drinking goes on, with vodka shots and a mood described by one guest as debauched. Invitees are sometimes stuck there for days, waiting for a lift back on Lebedev’s private jet.

    Whether in London or Ronti, Lebedevs’ parties bring together two groups who rarely mingle: celebrities and politicians. One is glamorous, the other not so much; both are curious about each other. The mutual attraction partly explains why so many high-profile individuals accept Lebedev’s invitations. But others say there is more. One celebrity who has attended the Lebedev parties in the past now declines, arguing “all of these parties seem like covers for meetings” where people can discreetly connect with politicians under the the guise of the event.

    “Evgeny sends cars and flies people around on private jets, he makes people feel important, and always serves tons and tons of caviar, which people love. And there’s usually a photographer there ensuring attendees will get a bit of press,” the celebrity added. Regular attendees at the Lebedev parties have included the actors Ian McKellen, Keira Knightley, Joan Collins and Ralph Fiennes. One non-actor celebrity – who declined to be named – received an invite out of the blue. When he climbed on board Evgeny’s plane he found that he and the other guests had one thing in common: they were all famous.

    Evgeny’s A-list contacts book is in part due to the Standard’s theatre awards, which have run since 1955 and which he now co-hosts. He also enlists his journalists to pull in big names. His former fixers have included Sarah Sands, who edited the Standard and is now editor of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, and Amol Rajan, the former Independent editor who is now the BBC’s media editor. In Russia, Alexander Lebedev depicts himself as a semi-oppositionist and victim of official persecution. His bank has been raided, and he has supported the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

    In reality, however, he is on warm terms with the Kremlin. In 2014 he publicly supported Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea, where Lebedev owns a hotel complex in the seaside resort of Alushta. In 2017 he staged a media symposium there. It was arranged – he told Russian state TV – to correct a false impression of Crimea put out by a “biased” western media. Lebedev shared a panel at the conference with Maria Zakharova, Russia’s foreign ministry spokesperson. She was a guest at his recent Moscow book launch. Zakharova is a hardline exponent of Kremlin policy; last year she denied Russian involvement in the novichok poisoning of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury and suggested that Britain’s spy agencies had kidnapped him.

    The Lebedevs say that their forays into the British media are altruistic, and have nothing to do with Moscow’s darker global agenda. Whatever their motives for bringing them together, their remarkably diverse collection of friends – from the British prime minister to senior Putin functionaries – add up to an environment in which gossip, intelligence and information can flow as freely as the champagne.

  • Mega rich funding tory scum during election(Boris and his Russian financial backers)
  • Tory scum pay 108 special advisors £9.6m of public funds in salaries (So much for the extreme murderous austerity they inflict on the peasants while throwing that stolen money at their friends they have positioned in high places)
  • What Brexit? Tories’ first priority is to ban ‘anti-Semitic’ boycotts VIDEO

    Bojo just another Israeli lackey

  • Jonathan Freedland, the Guardian journalist who had worked overtime blowing Corbyn antisemitism hoax into flame, twitted “I predicted Labour would be defeated”. He was corrected: “it was not predicted, it was manufactured by you!” And the Jews responded with “How do you dare to blame a Jew?”
  • Ken Livingstone Defends Jeremy Corbyn Saying He Was Victim of Lies and Smears VIDEO

    Screamed at by Israeli lobby lackey(mossad) and bullshitting asshole Piers Morgan

  • Boris Johnson to pass anti-BDS law, official says (Johnson like Trump another Israeli lackey that gets in via their hold over the gutter press)
  • Murderous tory scum pat themselves on the back during re-opening of a rogue Parliament VIDEO

    You really have to be a sick fuck to rejoice at these evil scumbags who have had decades of fucking over the peasants to the point of death and mass suicides.
    109 new tory scum about to reek havoc on UK peasants for another five years

    As if they haven't killed enough peasants with their extreme austerity boot

  • Another five years of majority Tory govt led by BoJo not going to be nice to look at VIDEO
    BBC exit poll claims tory scum voted BACK in to continue their murderous regime


  • General election 2019: Tories on course to win majority - exit poll
  • UK news push alerts skew negative on Labour and positive for Tories
  • 'Brutal, packed with untruths, uninspiring': European press on UK election
  • Timing of Boris investigation NOTHING to do with election
    Paedo's In Parliament (2018) VIDEO

  • British children's care homes where homopaedo's are employed who exploit boys stolen into care (Claims and smears of domestic abuse allow perverted freemason judges, hand picked by the royals, to make the orders that see children especially young boys removed from their fathers protection into their satanic dens they call 'CARE' homes)
  • Child Abuse Enquiry Whitewashed - Sonia Poulton(VIDEO)
  • ‘Universal credit is cruel and brutal’ Corbyn delivers speech in Wales VIDEO
    Johnson: 'Get Brexit Done' (Like 'Weapons of Mass Destruction')

    Mass murderers disguised as politicians

  • UK 2019 election a tyrannical farce

    You would never guess going by Britain's gutter rags perspective that presently we are being offered up mass murderers as a suitable mob to run the UK for the next 5 years. While that twisted media provide platforms for a privileged Eton groomed mass murderer to pontificate about all his new policies that will make UK great once again, he has alongside his fellow mass murderers resided over the monstrous austerity measures that have seen tens of thousands of the most vulnerable UK citizens either dying on the freezing streets through homelessness and poverty or from being pushed to suicide before the evictions occurred.

    Also the deaths of knife crime victims that have seen freemasons employed as the controllers of the police with a deliberate policy of withdrawing from the streets to create anarchy allowing tory scum like Johnson to claim they will get tough on crime next time round, when the only time you will see cops on the streets en masse is when they are aiding and abetting the legal and banking mafia's to steal property or when a claimed terror threat results from releasing known threats early on to the streets so tory scum can claim they will protect us from those they release.

    The insanity going on right before our eyes is that the already proven murderers are being hailed as saviours who will for the next half decade or so provide assurance of prosperity and safety while they have a long history of the destruction of so many in our society and the realisation that the form of elections Brits are being offered and claimed to provide democratic utopia is a pipe dream and is creating a system where a privileged few can continue the endless attack on those least able to defend themselves from murderous tory machinations.

    Under the guise of a 'Get Brexit Done' umbrella mass murder has been committed and sidelined as being somehow irrelevant.

  • General election 2019: Why do the political mafia spout the same utter bullshit?
  • General election 2019: Social media controversy 'spreads messages'
  • Barclay Brothers rag backs Israeli lobby (Mossad) antisemitic smears
  • BBC ‘ILLUMINATI’ Propaganda Exposed
  • Tory scum's election promises v the reality

    Libdem scumbag Alexander enforces tory austerity then swans off with knighthood and big bank job

    This is payback for the appalling mess this utter scum and filth left millions of Brits with massive austerity boot then he gets a trinket from the royals and top banking job UTTERLY DISGUSTING

    Two days after being appointed to his new position as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, allegations arose that Alexander had exploited a legal loophole to avoid the payment of capital gains tax on a property he had sold in 2007 alleging that he had profited from a "morally dubious" loophole to avoid paying capital gains tax.

    Osborne and Alexander instigated £7bn extra in cuts to welfare spending and a move for the retirement age to be increased to 66 for both men and women by 2020. In a letter to Liberal Democrat members Alexander defended the cuts by saying "When we came into office, we inherited an economy that was on the brink. With the largest budget deficit in Europe and no plan for tackling it, Britain faced huge economic risks. These could only be dealt with by a clear plan to deal rapidly with the worst financial position this country has faced for generations."

  • LibDem scumbag Danny Alexander(WENT QUIET) who helped tory scumbag Osborne screw the peasants while in office is KNIGHTED and then gets top job as vice president and corporate secretary of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Mega conflict of interest when tory scumbag Sajid Javid who is Chancellor of the Exchequer is also a governor of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Boris Come Back VIDEO
    Arrogant snob Boris Johnson's father smears UK public who 'couldn't spell Pinocchio' over son's blatant lies

  • When all politicians are seen as liars, it’s Boris Johnson’s big lie that cuts through
  • Jeremy Corbyn on Press TV discussing the BBC's Israel Bias VIDEO

  • Harmsworth's Israeli lobby (Mossad) controlled rag smears Corbyn over his claims of BBC's Israeli Bias
  • Sexism, vandalism and bullying: inside the Boris Johnson-era Bullyingdon Club

    A scene from the 2014 film The Riot Club, which drew its inspiration from the antics
    of the all-male members of the Bullingdon Club.

    Cameron and Boris Johnson Eton groomed posh twats circled.The utter scum and filth
    that are put up for the long suffering peasants to vote into power.

    Posh twat Johnson smears working class men HERE

    Woman who recruited members during the club’s 80s heyday reveals the true extent of members’ destructive behaviour

    It is notorious for champagne-swilling, restaurant-trashing, “pleb”-taunting elitism. Now new light has been shed on the outrageous antics of the Bullingdon Club – the Oxford University group that may be about to produce its second British prime minister – by someone intimately connected to it during Boris Johnson’s membership. A woman who acted as a scout for potential members of the Bullingdon Club in the mid-1980s has said that female prostitutes performed sex acts at its lavish dinners, women were routinely belittled, and that intimidation and vandalism were its hallmarks.

    The woman, who has asked not to be named, is now an academic and regards her involvement with the male-only Bullingdon Club more than 30 years ago with extreme regret and embarrassment. In her first week at Oxford in 1983, she was approached by a member of the club to identify potential recruits – a role she performed throughout her time as an undergraduate. She also had an 18-month relationship with a man who became a president of the club. In her final year at Oxford, she shared a house with Bullingdon members.

    Her involvement with the club coincided with Boris Johnson’s membership and overlapped with David Cameron’s. She was not a close friend of Johnson but they had a number of good friends in common, she said. She has maintained contact with several former Bullingdon members over the past 30-plus years. “I helped recruit for the Bullingdon, and advised [the president] on its activities,” she told the Observer. “I know very well what the patterns of behaviour were. When [her ex-boyfriend] was president, they had prostitutes at their dinners. They performed sex acts, sometimes at the shared dining table, and sometimes elsewhere on the premises.”

    In 2016, Ralph Perry-Robinson, a Bullingdon member in the mid-1980s, confirmed that prostitutes attended club events. “We always hire whores… prostitutes were paid extra by members who wanted to use them,” he told the Daily Beast. The woman said: “The whole culture was to get extremely drunk and exert vandalism. Every time someone was elected, they had to have their room smashed to pieces. People talk about the Bullingdon Club ‘trashing’ places, but it was serious criminal damage.”

    One incident she recalled at Magdalen College involved “a large galleried room that had just been refurbished with expensive wood panelling. Every piece of furniture that could have been broken was broken, every liquid sprayed around the room, the panelling was cracked, and everything was piled in a heap in the middle of the room. The college door to Magdalen was smashed to pieces. “I remember the clerk of works looking at the mess in complete dismay. The college had spent a great deal on the refurbishment. All the students who heard this late-night destruction were terrified, I remember.”

    Bullingdon members “found it amusing if people were intimidated or frightened by their behaviour. I remember them walking down a street in Oxford in their tails, chanting ‘Buller, Buller’ and smashing bottles along the way, just to cow people.” She recalled a party held in a room at Magdalen in the academic year 1985/6 at which guests were invited to “come as your alter ego”. Two Bullingdon members appeared in Nazi uniforms and “goose-stepped back and forth in the upstairs galleried area”. They were photographed by a friend of the woman who was taking pictures of the party.

    “The next morning [the pair] came round to her room. They barged in and pulled the roll of film out of the camera. She was a feisty character, and told lots of people about this. She died a couple of years ago.”

    Boris was one of the club’s big beasts. He was up for anything. They treated certain people with absolute disdain. Former club recruiter

    The woman who was the club recruiter said: “Boris was one of the big beasts of the club. He was up for anything. They treated certain types of people with absolute disdain, and referred to them as ‘plebs’ or ‘grockles’, and the police were always called ‘plod’. Their attitude was that women were there for their entertainment.” She said there was a “culture of excess” in the 1980s in which the activities of the Bullingdon Club felt “normalised”. “They had an air of entitlement and superiority.”

    Although many former members of the Bullingdon Club – including Johnson – have since publicly regretted their involvement in some of its activities, they developed “close-knit, generational ties,” said the woman. “Many still see each other. They have long-established networks, and they think it’s in their power to confer high office on anyone they choose. There is a bond of loyalty.” The club was founded in 1780 as a hunting and cricket club. Two hundred years later, it was infamous for its distinctive uniform of tailcoats with white silk facings, and its heavy drinking and wild behaviour.

    In 2013, Johnson – who reputedly still greets former members with a cry of “Buller, Buller, Buller” – described it as “a truly shameful vignette of almost superhuman undergraduate arrogance, toffishness and twittishness”. He added: “But at the time you felt it was wonderful to be going round swanking it up.” A photograph of club members in their Bullingdon tailcoats taken in 1987 has been repeatedly republished since Cameron became Tory leader. The picture made him “cringe”, he said. “We all did stupid things when we are young and we should learn the lessons.”

    Last October, Bullingdon Club members were banned from holding positions in the Oxford University Conservative Association. The association’s president, Ben Etty, said the club’s “values and activities had no place in the modern Conservative party”. In recent years, membership has reportedly dwindled to a handful as today’s undergraduates shun an organisation with a toxic reputation.

    The woman who recruited members in Oxford in the 1980s said that she was horrified at the prospect of Johnson becoming prime minister. “The characteristics he displayed at Oxford – entitlement, aggression, amorality, lack of concern for others – are still there, dressed up in a contrived, jovial image. It’s a mask to sanitise some ugly features.”

  • Privileged Eton groomed Bullyingdon posh twat Boris Johnson smears working class men
  • British elections only mass murdering scum need apply


    How British sheeple are STILL being led by their billionaire fascist herdsmen

    Tory voting psychopathic scum think, not only ONE life but thousands of lives are a worthwhile price to pay for putting the tory austerity fascist boot back in charge of the country.

  • Vast evidence of the psychological and financial torture of the poorest and most disabled by the tory scum
  • Bankers create apparent opposites to "remake the world" according to their specifications
  • FOI request to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) RE: BORIS JOHNSON

    FOI request to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC)

    This is a freedom of Information request seeking the following information.

    In light of the recent announcement published in various newspapers see Guardian HERE

    The independent police watchdog has delayed its announcement on whether the PM should face an investigation into possible criminal misconduct until after the election.

    1. Please provide the person or persons responsible for the decision to delay the investigation?

    2. Please provide any potential 'Conflicts of Interest' of the above named persons with the Prime Minister. i.e. political associations or private member associations of ANY description that would link them with Boris Johnson?

    You have twenty working days to respond.

  • Is Britain about to vote in another murderous tory government?

    Anyone who is watching the utter farce of British politics can only watch in horror as a whole tier of British society think a bunch of gangsters responsible for thousands of British citizens deaths have the qualities to run a country. Is it any wonder Britain is in its dying embers with a mafia whose only interest is to prop up the billionaires and millionaires at the utter expense of the working classes. A DISGUSTING and inhumane society that will eventually see those who back this mob 'rot in hell' for the 'hell on earth' they have created for vast swathes of the population under the guise of government.

    If these gangsters get back into power in the UK we could see 'Hong Kong' style uprisings as victims of their tyranny rise up against the so called democracy that sees privileged Eton groomed scum given free rein to turn ever more of the population, as has been done so far, into desperate victims of the utter deprivation that has been inflicted on a large percentage of the population from their extreme austerity measures that will continue unabated . THAT IS THE ONLY CERTAINTY IF THE TORY SCUM GET BACK INTO POWER.

  • Vast evidence of the psychological and financial torture of the poorest and most disabled by the tory scum
  • Labour want to restore pensions to women who had £billions stolen from them by the tory scum

    with at the time May claiming to be a feminist

  • What Brits think of their controllers

  • Britain has a horrific homelessness crisis. Why isn't it an election priority? (Caused by a massive tory austerity boot of HERR majesty's government and her Eton groomed lackeys Cameron, Osborne and Johnson)
  • UK social security payments 'at lowest level since launch of welfare state' (The mass deprivation of a population by an Eton groomed government totally controlled by the royal parasites)
  • Tory scum bankrolled by 48 of the country’s 151 billionaires who have donated to the Tories since 2005 while on course to hand out £100bn in tax breaks to those same backers(Many of them Russians)
  • Tory donor calls for Russia interference in UK democracy report to be published (Nine Russian business people had donated money to the Conservatives were named in the report)
  • Charities call for Glasgow homeless shelter to open early after a man, believed to be homeless, died on Sunday after being discovered in a city centre car park (Scotland under an SNP utopian nightmare. Lawyer Sturgeon giving lawyers the excuse to kick Scottish men on to the streets during divorce and their dodgy misuse of the law)
  • A third of the UK’s billionaire's have donated £50million to the Tories since 2005 (Many of them Russian)
  • Civil Unrest Is Now The 'New Normal' Out There (The real grievance is the sense that an unresponsive elite are sucking up all the available wealth, leaving the vast majority with (at best) zero upward mobility and at worst a return to the servitude their parents only recently escaped)
  • Jennifer Arcuri speaks out on personal relationship with Boris Johnson VIDEO
    ITV interviews Boris's bit on the side and the "£126,000 tax money relationship"

  • Jennifer Arcuri turns on Boris Johnson and warns she has been ‘keeping his secrets’
  • Boris Johnson's "£126,000 tax money relationship" with ex-model Jennifer Arcuri debated in Commons(VIDEO)
  • Freemasons protecting their own corrupt lodge buddies

  • The independent police watchdog (freemason run) has delayed its announcement on whether the Eton groomed PM Boris Johnson (a freemason) should face an investigation into possible criminal misconduct until after the election
  • Eton freemasons
  • 'Et Tu Brute' As Watson quits Labour on eve of election
    Tory scumbag Jacob Rees Mogg contemptible comments on the Grenfell Tower residents VIDEO

    Jacob Rees-Mogg has apologised after claiming Grenfell Tower fire victims did not use 'common sense' and leave the burning building in spite of the London Fire Brigade's instructions to stay put. In a statement issued to the Evening Standard, the leader of the House of Commons said 'I profoundly apologised. What I meant to say is that I would have also listened to the fire brigade's advice to stay and wait at the time. However, with that we know now and with hindsight I wouldn't and I don't think anyone else would'
    Rees-Mogg the VILE Eton groomed posh tory cunt

    The tory's utter contempt for British peasants can be clearly heard when tory scumbag Rees-Mogg opens his silver spoon fed gob. A typical attitude that permeates every part of the murderous tory regime.
    Boris Johnson accused of sitting on Russia ‘meddling’ report VIDEO

    Johnson with Sergey Nalobin who lost his permission to stay in the UK after the inquiry into the poisoning of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko concluded Russian Vladimir Putin had probably ordered the killing.
    Conservative Friends of Russia are financial backers of Johnson's hard line Brexshit stance

    Sergey Nalobin at the launch of Conservative Friends of Russia at the Russian embassy in August 2012

    Conservative Friends of Russia held its 2012 launch party in the Russian ambassador’s Kensington garden, with about 250 Russian and British guests present, including Tories who went on to play a prominent role in the referendum campaign

    PM accused of cover-up over report on Russian meddling in UK politics

    No 10 refuses to clear release of report into Russian political interference before election

    Boris Johnson was on Monday night accused of presiding over a cover-up after it emerged that No 10 refused to clear the publication of a potentially incendiary report examining Russian infiltration in British politics, including the Conservative party. Downing Street indicated on Monday that it would not allow a 50-page dossier from the intelligence and security committee to be published before the election, prompting a string of complaints over its suppression. The committee’s chairman, Dominic Grieve, called the decision “jaw dropping”, saying no reason for the refusal had been given, while Labour and Scottish National party politicians accused No 10 of refusing to recognise the scale of Russian meddling.

    Fresh evidence has also emerged of attempts by the Kremlin to infiltrate the Conservatives by a senior Russian diplomat suspected of espionage, who spent five years in London cultivating leading Tories including Johnson himself. It can now be revealed that Sergey Nalobin – who once described the future prime minister as “our good friend” – lives in a Moscow apartment block known as the “FSB house” because it houses so many employees from the Kremlin’s main spy agency. The committee’s report is based on analysis from Britain’s intelligence agencies, as well as third-party experts such as the former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, and is subject to a final clearance from Downing Street. That has to come before parliament is dissolved on Tuesday if it is to be released ahead of the election.

    Downing Street sources stated that was not now expected to happen in time, claiming the sign-off process typically takes six weeks. A No 10 spokesman added: “There are processes reports such as this have to go through before publication, and the committee is well-informed of these.” However, it is understood the dossier has already been approved by the intelligence agencies themselves as part of a long clearance process that began in late March. Downing Street was sent a final draft on 17 October and had been expected to sign off the report by the end of last week. Grieve said: “The protocols are quite clear. If the prime minister has a good reason for preventing publication he should explain to the committee what it is, and do it within 10 days of him receiving the report. If not, it should be published.”

    The dossier specifically examines Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 EU referendum. Members of the committee – which meets in secret because of the sensitivity of its work – had wanted to make recommendations to introduce greater safeguards ahead of the December poll. Ian Lucas, a Labour MP who sits on the culture media and sport select committee, which has conducted related inquiries into the conduct of the EU referendum said “the government needs to come clean about its view on Russian interference in British politics”. Ministers have argued that there are no examples of successful Russian interference in UK elections, but Lucas said that this needed to be properly tested: “This decision looks like it is designed to avoid proper scrutiny of what we actually know.”

    Allegations that Moscow money has flowed into the Conservative party via emigres living in the UK making high-profile donations, were also heard by the committee – although the party has consistently denied receiving money improperly. In 2014, Lubov Chernukhin – the wife of the former Russian deputy finance minister – paid £160,000 to play tennis with Johnson and David Cameron. The match was the star lot at a Conservative summer party auction. Another guest at the 2013 fundraiser was Vasily Shestakov, Vladimir Putin’s judo partner. Committee members were also briefed on an extraordinary – and for a while an apparently successful – attempt to penetrate Conservative circles by Nalobin, who instigated a pro-Kremlin parliamentary group, the Conservative Friends of Russia.

    During his time in the UK, Nalobin went to exclusive Tory fundraising events and met senior Conservatives. In January 2014 he posed for a photograph with Johnson at an event at city hall in London. Nalobin posted it on Twitter, writing in a caption that the then mayor was “our good friend” who said “warm words” about Russians. Conservative Friends of Russia held its 2012 launch party in the Russian ambassador’s Kensington garden, with about 250 Russian and British guests present, including Tories who went on to play a prominent role in the referendum campaign. One was Matthew Elliott, now chief executive of pro-Brexit group Vote Leave, alongside Dominic Cummings, now the prime minister’s chief strategist. Another guest was Johnson’s future girlfriend Carrie Symonds, a Tory party activist. At the time she worked in the office of John Whittingdale, the pro-Brexit MP who was the group’s honorary vice-president. The group collapsed after revelations of Nalobin’s alleged ties with the Kremlin’s SVR foreign intelligence agency.

    Over the weekend, the shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, raised questions over Cummings’ connections to Russia, and the levels of security vetting to which he had been subject, after an official whistleblower raised concerns with her. Thornberry asked if Cummings had been asked about his relationship with members of Conservative Friends of Russia, as well as the purpose of his three-year period of work in post-communist Russia between 1994 and 1997. The Guardian’s investigation was carried out with the The Insider, an independent Russian news website. Property records show that Nalobin owns an apartment at Michurinskiy Prospect 27, in south-west Moscow. The block’s ties with state spying are so well established that sellers are able to advertise their properties in the “FSB house” at above market rates.

    Peers held a special debate about the withheld dossier, after an urgent question from the cross-bench peer David Anderson, a national security expert, who insisted the delay was unjustified. “It invites, I’m afraid, suspicion of the government and its motives,” he said. Earl Howe, responding for the government, told peers: “The length of time that the government had had for this report is not at all unusual. It was delivered on 17 October – that is not a very long time ago. And the prime minister is entitled to take his view on what the report contains.”

    Stewart McDonald, the SNP’s defence spokesman, said: “Parliament is about to be sent packing into a general election without fully understanding the extent to which Russia has meddled in our most recent democratic electoral events.”

  • A whistleblower is said to have come forward with concerns regarding tory scumbag Dominic Cummings' involvement with people involved in 'politics, intelligence and security' in Russia in the 1990s
  • Boris Johnson's maternal great-grandfather, Elias Avery Lowe, was a Moscow-born Jew
  • In June 2019 Boris Johnson claimed at a Conservative Friends of Israel dinner Tory MPs would back no-deal Brexit to avoid Jeremy Corbyn government
  • Boris Johnson told “so many lies” during the EU referendum campaign
  • Tory zionist leaning scumbag Johnson was reported by the 'Times of Israel' in May 2019 as 'leading race to succeed May, but was not the only pro-Israel would-be PM' (Johnson’s London mayor campaign received significant backing from Jewish donors, while a number of Jews were given key roles in City Hall)
  • Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) is one of the most active lobby groups in Westminster; It claims that 80 per cent of all Conservative MPs are members
  • Pro-Israel lobby group 'Conservative Friends of Israel' bankrolling Tory scum and filth
  • The pro-Israel lobby in Britain: full text: Every year, in a central London hotel, a very grand lunch is thrown by the Conservative Friends of Israel It is often addressed by the Conservative leader of the day. Many members of the shadow cabinet make it their business to be there along with a very large number of Tory peers and prospective candidates, while the Conservative MPs present amount to something close to a majority of the parliamentary party. It is a formidable turnout
  • Inside Britain's Israel lobby (VIDEO)
  • The zionist Lobby P1: Young Friends of Israel(VIDEO)
  • The zionist lobby P2: The Training Session(VIDEO)
  • The zionist lobby P3: An Anti-Semitic Trope (VIDEO)
  • The zionist lobby P4: The Takedown (VIDEO)
  • The rent boy drug dealing morally self-righteous Labour lawyer MP scum who push the homosexual agenda on an unsuspecting public


  • The shaming of morally self-righteous Labour lawyer MP Keith Vaz: A sordid saga of homo sex and drugs - and a disgraceful bid to wriggle off the hook (Those who make laws are the biggest abusers of those laws and who deem themselves above the law)
  • The rent boy drug dealing morally self-righteous Labour lawyer MP Keith Vaz faces six-month suspension after drug and sex probe over buying cocaine for male prostitutes
  • Labour still have extreme feminists like lawyer Hatemen within their ranks (Gayrdian give her a platform to spout her man hating 'victim' status vitriol)
  • UK gutter rags back bumbling Eton bullyboy Johnson

    The usual suspect millionaire press mafia who promote the royal parasites.
    Harmsworth, Barclay Brothers, Murdoch and Desmond's old right wing rag

  • PM 'trying to frustate' Brexit delay law, says SNP ("When we were in court in Edinburgh the prime minister gave promises that not only would he obey the Benn Act but that he wouldn't seek to frustrate it. Now arguably that is what he has done."
  • McDonnell to address People's Vote rally as Heseltine urges Tories to reject Brexshit deal

    Boris and his tory scum lose Brexshit vote

    Massive crowds gather outside Parliament against Brexshit

  • Hyde Park to Parliament People's vote march in 60 seconds(VIDEO)
  • Royals Eton puppet deluded with power

    Unelected psychopaths allowed to run the country thanks to a flawed democracy

    Power dressing no longer works now the country is waking up to the flawed royal regime

    I get richer as the peasants get poorer under the Eton groomed austerity scams

  • Farcical state opening as old ultra rich biddy was more panto than Parliament as the regal weariness in the parasite's glare raises questions as to whether the Queen was happy to be there
  • Deluded psychopath running UK backed up by a deluded gutter rag

    Desmond's old fascist gutter rag promotes the tory lunatics running the failed asylum

  • Deluded psychopath Borearse vows to make Britain 'greatest place on Earth'
  • Massive list of reports of how the tory mass murderers kill the peasants
    via austerity and their state assassins the DWP, ATOS and MAXIMUS
  • Tory scum divert their multi-billion dollar robbery of women's pensions onto their twisted 'Domestic Abuse Bill' and all us bad men


    Theresa May rants about protecting women with her fanciful 'Domestic Abuse Bill' while subjecting elderly women to destitution by robbing them of six years pension. The only bastards abusing women are a vile tory government and their daylight robbery.

  • Hypocrite feminist May's government massively abuses thousands of pension age women stealing £billions while trying to suggest she backs women with an evil 'Domestic Abuse Bill' that gives crooked judges and lawyers the excuse to persecute and destroy divorcing men (Gender apartheid alive and well in a vile tory regime)
  • State pension: Women vow to fight ‘age discrimination’ after High Court ruling over a tory government robbing them of £181billion
  • Four million women and the retirement age betrayal: Tearful protesters chant 'shame on you' outside court as judges reject claim that raising state pension age from 60 to 66 is age discrimination
  • Feminist MP's spin the extreme domestic abuse scams in Parliament (No mention of the destitution men are left in from lying divorcing golddiggers and the innocent men rotting in jail by rape claims of lying bitches ALL ONE SIDE ALWAYS ONE SIDE the poor wee innocent women and all the bad men. These same bastards voted to steal £billions from womens pensions who are now destitute and who also voted for wars were millions of men, women and children were murdered. They also voted for austerity that has killed thousands pushed into early graves)(VIDEO)
  • Ted Heath, Jimmy Savile and Princess Di VIDEO

    Claims against Boris Johnson overshadow Conservative Party Conference VIDEO

    The corrupt murderous tory scum think they have the moral right to slag off Jeremy Corbyn as not fit when their track record of mass murder of the peasants under the guise of austerity is maybe the biggest stain that any political mafia has ever imposed on its citizens.
    Even Borearse's sister thinks he's a bully
    Eton Borearse sparks outrage with murdered MP Jo Cox comments in Commons VIDEO

  • Eton Borearse: Brexit will happen on October 31 and I won't resign over Supreme Court ruling(VIDEO)
  • Borearse up shit creek

  • Eton groomed Borearse referred to police watchdog over Jennifer Arcuri allegations (Tory fucking scum that steal huge amounts from the poorest Brits using their austerity scams the making dodgy payments of £100,000's to their foreign girlfriends)
  • American businesswoman embroiled in a conflict of interest row over her close friendship with Boris Johnson won a highly sought after entrepreneur visa to stay in the UK after securing the prime minister’s endorsement for her firm
  • American pal of Borearse Jennifer Arcuri's firm sets up new UK office amid £100,000 grant row
  • Jennifer Arcuri: Boris Johnson given 14 days to explain businesswoman links who received a £100,000 grant from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport earlier this year (A foreigner gets £100,000+ in grants while poor and disabled British citizens paltry welfare claims are cut to ZERO through tory austerity scams backed by Eton groomed piece of tory shit Johnson)
  • Borearse's pal Jennifer Arcuri who got £126,000 of public money while he was London mayor VIDEO

    Jennifer Arcuri at TEDxManchester

  • Borearse faces new pressure to answer questions about his relationship with ex-model, 34, as it emerges she received a FOURTH taxpayer handout worth £12,447
  • Borearse 'must address conflict of interest claims' how £126,000 of public money was given to a USA businesswoman while he was London mayor
  • So, Boris Johnson, how DID your pole dancing pal get £100k of taxpayers' cash for her failing firm?
  • Bojo when mayor's meal ticket to Jennifer Arcuri talking at TEDxLiverpool(VIDEO)
  • Borearse's pal Jennifer Arcuri wants to brainwash kids subconsciously while they play games? VIDEO

    Jennifer Arcuri's DANGEROUS BULLSHIT

    myhackerhouse.com - Hacker House North West - Grand Opening

    One of the most important intentions is educating and inspiring our youth to create change... But IMAGINE if you could do that using GOVERNMENT funding available... Lulz Children spend most of their time playing video games and listening to music these days...

    So what if you could harness that energy and direct it towards social good? Educating them along the way? Hacker House may well have the solution...

    Here's Jennifer Arcuri and Lauri Love with their amazing idea to educate children with accreditation modules for their technological skills and attained achievements online... And as if by synchronicity, thanks to Rich Metson, a games developer who's now going to amalgamate offgridthegame.com and the #HackerHouse concept, we can teach kids how to protect themselves online as they're playing a game about cyber security..And so much more...

    Improving their technological capabilities within the 'real world' to ultimately improve their lives and society by empowering them with the skills and tools needed for the new digital economy... Then I had an idea... You know how there's a radio station on GTA?

    IMAGINE if the children playing the game were listening to influential conscious artists such as Potent Whisper, Akala, Logic, Chester P Task Force and Lowkey whilst playing the game? Inevitably learning more important information subconsciously whilst you spend 40-80 hours a week playing games?

    Tory scumbag Borearse rubber stamping £126,000 in public money to his girlfriend?

  • Tory Eton scumbag Borearse's friend Jennifer Arcuri, 34, was given £126,000 in public money
    while he failed to declare potential conflicts of interest
  • Tory ETON scum now sticking knives into each others murderous backs
    Woman angry at Borearse's party policy of austerity, insisting that people have died because of it VIDEO
    Her Eton groomed gangster fucked up

    So who is really running the country when her bumboy has to grovel to a parasite who used Eton to groom the posh toff to do her dirty work then maneuvers him into 10 Downing Street with no election?

  • Boris Johnson denies lying to the Queen after court rules shutdown unlawful
  • Starmer says Borearse should recall Parliament after unlawful judgement VIDEO
    MP's spark chaos in Parliament in prorogation protest VIDEO
    As if Westminster has ever truly represented a democracy?

    Hand picked lackeys of the royalist establishment
    It's political scum like Angela Smith that gives Labour a toxic name (Blair backer)

    Angela Smith left Labour for Change UK until they fell on their arse and now moves on to the LibDems. She claims to act for the people but on closer inspection all she does is use her political position to line her pockets. A former buddy of Tony Blair who turned labour into a party run by lawyers and doctors when Labour should have always had working class roots.

    Smith is one of the major reasons voters no longer vote Labour as it has been tainted by constant corruption from scumbags like Smith who has a LONG history of claiming outrageous expenses and on the take from the private water industry when labour wants to return water to public ownership. Also one of the Labour ratbags screaming 'antisemitism' on behalf of the Israeli lobby caught massively interfering with British politics and who propped up Tony Blair.

  • Angela Smith: Former Labour MP joins the Lib Dems (Labour are well shot of this fucking cow and an Israeli lobby lackey)
  • Angela Smith is one of 98 MPs who voted unsuccessfully to keep their expense details secret in 2007 (In 2009, Smith was one of the MPs whose expenses were highlighted during the Parliamentary expenses scandal, as she had submitted expenses claims for four beds for a one-bedroom flat in London she also employs her hubby as her Senior Parliamentary Assistant on a salary of up to £40,000. Smith's 2016 register of interests also show that she and her husband "were treated to football matches and dinner three times by Whitehouse Construction", which is a subcontractor to Anglian Water and member of the Future Water Association)
  • Dinner with Angela Smith hosted by British Water Chairman, Chris Loughlin
  • Angela Smith apologises over ‘funny tinge’ gaffe
  • MPs' expenses: New MP Angela Smith sought four beds for a one-bedroom London flat(and MUCH more)
  • Vote of no confidence passed in Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Angela Smith
  • ‘Good riddance’: Penistone locals have their say on Angela Smith resignation (Smith and others had consistently undermined Jeremy Corbyn)
  • On Friday 17th November 2018, the Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP passed a motion of no confidence in their MP, Angela Smith such is the level of anger from local members at the antics of this Blairite MP
  • Ex-Labour MP Angela Smith gets gutter rag platform to claim the Tories and Labour are now in the grips of 'EXTREMISTS'
  • The tory scum are jumping the Borearse Brexshit ship

  • The dying embers of the nasty party as they destroy themselves
    Even his own brother can't stand the evil bastards vile style of politics

    They are ALL deserting the Borearse sinking ship

  • Brother of Borearse Brexiteer turns his back on the scumbag (Even his brother can't stand his form of Eton political bullyingdon) (VIDEO)
  • Brother of Borearse Brexiteer turns his back on the scumbag VIDEO

    Even his brother can't stand his form of Eton political bullyingdon
    Bumbling Borearse uses cops as a backdrop to make a political speech VIDEO

  • Bumbling Boris's speech at police academy was classic Dom
  • MP's criticise Borearse for politicising the police by using uniformed officers as the backdrop for a heavily partisan speech (The Police Federation also criticised the move. “I am surprised that police officers were used as a backdrop for a political speech in this way,”)
  • Borearse fails to get an election to trigger NO DEAL brexshit
    This is the utter tory scum running the country FOR NOW

    Slouching Jacob Rees-Mogg doesn't know what a good days work is

  • MPs tell Jacob Rees-Mogg to 'sit up' during Brexshit debate (VIDEO)
  • Bullyingdon Eton toff Borearse loses the plot
    Borearse defeated as Tory rebels move against a no-deal Brexshit VIDEO
    Stop The Coup: London protest against UK parliament suspension VIDEO

  • JACOB REES-MOGG IS A LIAR (Posh Eton tory establishment scumbag)