The political mafia condone the homosexual agenda to feed their own vile perversions

The sheeple have been groomed to believe the rape of a young boy is far less important than the rape of a girl. WHY would the system assume a young boy's abuse does NOT require the same response and promotion as the media regularly feature the rape of girls but NOT boys?

When Gary Glitter was vilified in the controlled media for abusing young girls he was convicted and served time. However when Michael Jackson was accused time and again of abusing young boys he remained free with a global fan base refusing to acknowledge how vile his crimes were against young boys.

The rise of homosexual political maneuverings is due to the political mafia having a penchant for young boys and making homosexuality legal has allowed the abuse of young boys all the more likely as scum like jewish lawyer and British law lord Greville Janner helped develop law and legislation that encouraged acceptance of homosexuality while he spent a lifetime abusing young boys. His family dragged on to the corporate media to plead his innocence despite him dying before he was charged and jailed. He being part of the establishment that ensures the freemason cops and crown protect them at every level and no matter how disgusting their crimes against their victims.

There is a satanic nature to the brainwashing and propaganda that encourages the population to embrace homosexuality that is despite the vast majority of heterosexual men worldwide when asked would NEVER condone such behaviour and despite that the political mafia continue to enact legislation that makes even a critical view of homosexuality regarded as some sort of HATE crime.

It is those same evil bastards manufacturing the legislation, that behind closed doors continue to get away with the homopaedo network that connects freemasonry and the political and legal mafia hell bent on getting their own way with our young sons . BUT NOT IF WE CAN HELP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jewish lawyer Janner to face criminal proceedings over allegations of homopaedo abuse in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s