More and more of the world's citizens are being isolated from the grid

It is becoming clearer by the day that more and more of the world's citizens are being pushed into poverty and destitution by evil forces that are operating via the political systems of the world. There can be NO excuse for a single individual on this planet from being able to access the most basic necessities of life yet country after country shows little interest in the ever expanding poverty that exists even in supposedly rich countries like America and Britain.

If there was some sort of global lack of funds that was impacting on everyone across the planet there may be some rationale for this happening but there is NO shortage of wealth for those at the very top who are living in excess while their fellow citizens flounder on the streets homeless. We have documented where huge sums are being spent on the military industrial complex , Cerne, International Space station and a myriad of science projects that if stopped tomorrow and the expenditure redirected to feeding and housing the poorest and most vulnerable that could be eradicated almost immediately yet the powers that be simply ignore the growing mountain of the impoverished and carry on with a blatant disregard for large sections of the population's plight.

The very scumbags we are being asked to vote for are all hand picked minions of the global ruling elite and serve only their greed while vast swathes of the population are left with no support ultimately leading to their homelessness, hunger and destitution. The very media the sheeple rely on for news also are to busy reporting on that ruling elite when they know the mountain of poor are being shunned from the exposures of why so many now face a very uncertain future thanks to what they claim is some sort of democratic process.

If politics as it is operating today was functioning correctly ALL citizens of the world would be getting their fair share of the world's assets. Instead we are seeing ever more wealth being accumulated in the hands of the few who continue to fund the very political systems that ensure what can only be classed as daylight robbery goes on and continues the vast inequality that like a tsunami is encompassing the world.

Unless people are prepared to rise up and let those powers that be know that they are no longer prepared to watch this brutal impoverishment regime continue, the world is heading for a monumental catastrophe as turning a blind eye to the growing mountain of poverty can only lead to unrest across many parts of the world that are creaking at the seams from what is staring the deluded right in their face.

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