Gangs of freemason racists in the London judiciary and cops targeting black victims

We have been reporting for decades on how Britain's judicial mafia, lawyers and cops have been targeting divorcing men and stripping them of all their worldly possessions. These last few years we are hearing extremely serious reports of the same evil bastards deliberately targeting black youths and adults for even harsher treatment.
London met cops have a long history as murdering scumbags and a few high profile cases such as Jean Charles De Menezes is but the tip of the iceberg in how these masonic gangs dressed up as Britain's law enforcement really are getting away with murder and the enormity of the lives blighted by a form of racism not seen since the dark ages of mass slavery.

We have been following cases over the last few years in London that has seen racist met cops targeting black youths and young adults and effectively brutalizing them in stop and search and even when reported to the regulatory authorities they are then further targeting their victims arresting them on bumped up charges and then passing them on to Britain's vile judiciary to jail them with lengthy sentences on remand awaiting trial.

There is a massive war going on, not only on the streets of London, but in cities throughout Britain that has seen the rise of fascist racist cops and judges truly getting away with destroying the lives of every coloured youth that crosses their paths with what can only be described as PURE evil. We have personally witnessed divorcing men being targeted by this mob but a now more sinister climate is seeing huge numbers of targeted black people being institutionally jailed by racist thugs hiding behind and masquerading as British law enforcement.

We have a political system so focused on Britain leaving the EU that monstrous human rights abuses are taking place right on the doorstep of the Houses of Parliament with little action by those who claim to protect our rights. A major distraction to the tens of thousands of lives being destroyed thanks to the racism blatantly unfolding on London streets by cops and a judiciary hell bent on restoring slavery from off the streets of Britain and into the expanding jail system.

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  • Black people were stopped and searched at almost 4 times the rate of white people across London in 2015/16
  • People from black communities are over-represented at almost all stages of the criminal justice process, disproportionately targeted by the police, more likely to be imprisoned and more likely to be imprisoned for longer than white British people
  • Rapper Stormzy accuses cops of targeting “black events”
  • May, when she was home secretary, accused UK police forces of not doing enough to employ black and ethnic minority officers
  • Young Black man Rashan Charles died after being brutalized by a London cop
  • The figures are stark: if you are a black person, you are at least six times as likely to be stopped and searched by the police in England and Wales as a white person
  • Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick (The chief cop behind the murder of Jean Charles De Menezes)pushes more stop and search operations that target black communities
  • Murder of Jean Charles de Menezes