SNP Shambolic Narcissistic Pervs and oh how the mighty fall

How long have the lawyer controlled gutter rags kept the lid on the lawyer controlled SNP sex scandals?

As maybe the only outlet that has throughout the SNP reign have made the public aware that behind the FACADE lies a devious and dangerous political machine driven by the Scottish terrorists operating out of the Law Society of Scotland with their key players embedded inside the SNP mafia.

Salmond was the mouthpiece that put feminist lawyer Sturgeon in charge who has been manufacturing anti male legislation that makes Scotland's FREEMASON run courts all the more aggressive at seizing men's assets, homes and children and why the SNP is a fucking sham perpetrated against the Scottish people for the masonic mafia to increase their power over the wealth of Scotland and orchestrated by those who ONLY serve a ruthless royalist crown.

As regular frequenters to Holyrood and watched the masonic / feminist / homosexual / lawyer mafia play with laws that are meant to crush heterosexual men this is karma in operation as the SNP are now exposed as to what they really are shysters and gangsters who fooled Scotland into believing their fucking mindless utopia aided by every gutter rag in Britain and beyond. Salmond now faces the wrath of the very court system they refused to act against and the promises to the thousands of victims of their ruthless tyranny . HELL MEND THE EVIL BASTARD FOR FAILING ALL THOSE VICTIMS.


  • Ex-Scottish first minister Alex Salmond charged with attempted rape