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    Lots of well heeled scientists rely on the political mafia spending much more money on space junk than the peasants surviving on the streets homeless and destitute.
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    First space crime? NASA lesbian astronaut accused of breaking into her ex-spouse’s bank accounts while she was on board the International Space Station VIDEO

    In a highly unexpected example of what it’s now possible to do in space, a NASA astronaut has been accused of breaking into her ex-spouse’s bank accounts while she was on board the International Space Station. The bizarre accusation was made against decorated NASA astronaut Anne McClain, who is embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with her former partner Summer Worden.

    Worden’s suspicions were raised when she noticed that her bank account was accessed without her permission from a NASA-affiliated computer network. After doing some further digging, the former Air Force intelligence officer accused McClain of breaking into her bank accounts while she was on board the ISS.
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    NO still no sign of life!!!!!!!!!

  • There is something deeply disturbing as to how NASA can get to spend another $850 million of public money on Dragonfly part of New Frontiers while millions in America are on their knees and on the streets (America's political mafia have very strange agenda's allowing this vast waste of money)

  • Universe: Beyond the Millennium - Alien Life VIDEO
    If the universe is only 14 billion years old, how can it be 92 billion light years wide? VIDEO
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    Meanwhile back on earth homelessness skyrockets
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    Ultima Thule (It's good to see America's political mafia have their priorities right)
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    Nasa was given a bottomless pit of public money to reach for the moon
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    Huge sums spent travelling to Mars while people on earth rot on the streets. Maybe the powers that be who are sanctioning the vast sums to go into space should look a bit closer to home and not ignore the streets filled with the homeless that their policies have created. Or maybe they are planning a mass exodus of those least worthy to the barren lifeless wasteland of Mars?
    Something MAJOR Happened On Mars.. Are They Hiding It? VIDEO
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    Japan tinkering with near earth asteroid

    Japan have landed on a near earth asteroid Ryugu and despite warnings that the slightest pressure placed on a near earth object could change their trajectory and with Japan planning to blast this asteroid to extract samples this could place the asteroid's future trajectory in the path of earth. Despite this the space community seem to be getting pretty excited about it with no thoughts as to the danger this may pose in future if its track is moved even the tiniest fraction off course .

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  • Nasa's $1.5 billion to 'touch' the Sun (America's political mafia are treasonous if they think leaving millions to wallow in homeless on the streets of America while NASA gets to waste billions on this nonsense)
  • Space Force: Mike Pence launches plans for sixth military service (That will cost $trillions)
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    Buzz Aldrin flashing his masonic rings?
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    How can they justify all this money when America's poor are rotting on the streets?

  • NASA gets to spend $813.8m while France and Germany spend $180 million on latest space junk mission to Mars
    (Meanwhile skid row homeless expands to every major city in America)
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    The political mafia can't make people's lives better on earth but sanction
    $trillions sending out space junk to planets that will never sustain life
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    They are called 'eclipse chasers' VIDEO

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    A multi-trillion dollar white elephant that leaves the peasants languishing impoverished on earth.
    Scientists with big pay cheques push the outrageous sums spent on space junk.
    WHAT Is NASA Hiding In This Area Of Space? VIDEO
    Dark Matter Documentary VIDEO
    Nasa gets to spend $1.2 billion to send space junk to the sun VIDEO

    America's ruling mafia have very strange priorities when spending vast sums
    on NASA's folly's while mass homelessness blights the supposed land of the free
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    Recovered rocket parts show honeycomb construction

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