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Do you really want to know?


  • Dads driven to suicide by debts from divorce and councils
  • Joy Division's Peter Hook talks about his depression triggered by divorce(VIDEO)
  • Inverclyde the suicide capital of Scotland if not the UK (BBC report on Samaritans only TOUCH on divorce as a MAIN trigger and fail to mention that Inverclyde council controlled for decades by corrupt lawyers who use lying social work , teachers and doctors reports to steal millions in legal aid with corrupt freemason judges, cops and sheriff officers seizing mens estates and psychologically bullying them into suicide)
  • Inverclyde – Is It Corruption Or Incompetence That Makes It The Worst Run Council In Scotland?
  • The Science Behind Suicide Contagion
  • World league table for suicide
  • Caroline Flack's 'show trial' reviewed by CPS after Love Island host's suicide

    Lawyer controlled gutter rags and Crown's pathological obsession with domestic violence claims that triggers suicide and ONLY exposed because a female celebrity was caught up in the hype.

  • Caroline Flack 'show trial' probed: CPS opens investigation into decisions to proceed with domestic abuse case taken before Love Island host's tragic suicide (Men dying every week from these allegations in secretive divorce courts that never see the light of day in the lawyer controlled rags)
  • Horrified husband 'called 999' after his nurse wife 'stabbed her toddler to death and seriously injured their baby' at rural farmhouse in Northern Ireland - as she is treated for 'self-inflicted' injuries (In Britain a man can be jailed for 'coercive' behaviour trying to stop his wife from attacking him or his children)
  • We need to talk about male suicide VIDEO

    At some point in your life you’ll probably be touched by male* suicide. It’s now the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK with 12 men taking their own lives every day.

    In her challenging TEDx talk, Steph Slack shares her personal story of how losing her uncle to suicide caused her to question how we react to men who experience suicidal thoughts. Steph asks: what if we stop seeing having suicidal thoughts as something unusual, change our stereotypical expectations of men and instead, support men who have the courage to be vulnerable with us?

    What would happen if we all went home and had conversations with the men in our lives about what they’re feeling and thinking? The answer to solving today’s male suicide crisis may be simply listening to the men in our lives. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or are in crisis, in the UK Samaritans operate a 24/7 helpline on 116 123 or CALM operate a helpline 5pm to midnight for men on 0800 585858.
    The Truth About American Suicide VIDEO
    Why are so many still seeing suicide as their only option? VIDEO

    Gutter media still miss the obvious of men being framed and fucked over by
    the freemasons ruling family court corruption the silent destroyers.
    Anxiety brought on by the lunatics running the asylum

    Identifying psychopaths doesn't require a psychiatrist when any man with a modicum of common sense can see that the world is under the complete control of a bunch of well heeled lunatics using a cult to create vast chasms of wealth. That while keeping the rest of the populous in debt and in a very high state of fear and anxiety, especially the men not part of their cult, who like throughout history have had to unite to remove despots from their perch inside their ivory towers THAT IS LONG OVERDUE.

    Men are topping themselves in vast numbers like lemmings falling over a cliff and the gutter rags keep providing every excuse under the sun why that should be when there are many underlying reasons they ignore as to why the psychopathic leaders require to keep those men weakened and easily pushed over the edge when their many ruses keep those men malleable and easy targets to strip them bare of any wealth they have accumulated over a life time of graft and a legal system that redistributes that wealth into the hands of those who have manipulated the law to provide easy pickings of those weakened through stealth.

    Non cult men have good reason to be anxious as trillions of public money via governments are poured into so called feminist groups who are used to besmirch men and attack the very soul of the men who will at some point be lined up and stripped and left in many cases homeless and penniless and with families ripped apart to block any support network men may have to cope with the sudden and extreme fall from grace. Something many men can no longer tolerate and see the easy way out as looking for a high building or bottle of pills.

    Suicide of men is being accelerated as the rich become greedier and use more extreme and faster ways of stripping them, as waiting for issues to arrive in their life keeps the robber barons from attaining unfathomable wealth much quicker. All sorts of political and legal scams are being developed by the utter scum and filth to destabilise men's environments to the point they can no longer function as they were biologically intended. Devious and dangerous psychopaths are pulling their evil strings to keep them in the lifestyles they think they deserve.

    It will require those non cult men to rise up and stop the vast global plundering of men's estates by a satanic force that binds these psychopaths whose main intention is to destroy men not part of their cult. We are certain given time and waking up the many men still unaware of those dangers for these bastards sinister games to be blocked when we know how they operate and being circulated across the globe to warn those as yet not fully awakened to the nightmare scenario men are facing on a daily basis through that psychopathic mindset.


  • Diversity concern as Scottish Parliament nears 20th anniversary (Holyrood is a perfect storm of what happens when extreme lunatic MAN HATING feminists, homosexuals and freemasons plot to strip Scottish heterosexual 'no cult' men of their livelihoods)
  • They are having a laugh these legal bastards

    The biggest cause of heterosexual male depression and suicide is how the legal mafia are being allowed to threaten, harass and intimidate men going through divorce to the point of severe depression and suicide. For these twisted bastards to suggest they want to help while their buddies in crime operating out of the terror cell at the Law Society of Scotland are responsible for the destruction of more men than all the wars and terrorist threats of late.

  • Lawyers join Scottish Daily Express mental health campaign (How to divert attention away from the brutal treatment of men in Scottish divorce courts leading to men's depression and suicide)
  • Jeremy Kyle: times up for the mocking of the peasants

    Only those from the poor end of town get on this vile spectacle
    Cruel TV but only for the poorest peasants

    Kyle has been used to smear and exploit the poorest peasants as NOT worthy on reality tv.

  • Jeremy Kyle: After the gutter media bitterly complain the internet is behind people dying they now face why the media are killing people
  • Empire that cruelty built: Two luxury homes near Windsor Castle at £5.4m, a stable of race horses and a £2m Barbados bolthole where Jeremy Kyle has lavished his TV millions
  • Twisted tricks of torture TV: From psychological manipulation to turn guests at each other's throats to giving out tissues to prompt tears... ex-producer on The Jeremy Kyle Show reveals its tawdry secrets
  • 'I'm devastated by guest's death', axed Jeremy Kyle says - as it's revealed he could get £3m pay-off having set up his own media firm HOURS after news of 'suicide' broke
  • Jeremy Kyle: times up for the mocking of the peasants (Only those from the poor end of town get on this vile spectacle)
  • Jeremy Kyle show: Maybe the worst series ever aired on TV
  • How best friend's suicide is helping save men's lives VIDEO
    'Masculinity is essential to society' – full Interview | Modern Masculinity VIDEO
    Jeremy Kyle show: Maybe the worst series ever aired on TV

    A deliberate ploy by the well heeled gutter media to give platforms to some of the dregs of society to smear and target the rest of the peasantry as if they are not worthy. They avoid exposing the real crooks running London city and the Eton, Oxford and Cambridge mafia as if all the ills of Britain only come from one section of society the poorest when we know that is to hide the biggest crooks like the masonic judges and lawyers who dish out sentences in Her Majesty's dodgy courts using the 'law' as a hatchet to thieve from heterosexual men on the grandest of scales.
    Divorce triggers male suicide and crystal clear
    Divorce the excuse for freemasons to help themselves to non mason mens property and children.

    No beating about the bush while the controlled media, especially the BBC, rant endlessly about all us bad men and the abuse we inflict on women, the vast bulk of which is bullshit and gives a freemason judiciary the excuse to persecute men psychologically and financially who impose rigid restraints on any man dragged into their dens of inquity when faced with divorce.

    NO one can truly understand what goes on inside these hell holes until they experience the enormity of abuse of power that is inflicted on vulnerable men, maybe NOT vulnerable before but certainly after these fucking monsters are finished with them.

    The ruling royal establishment use the head masonic honcho the Dukey Kent to issue orders to their judicial lackeys to gain maximum advantage over men's estates that line the pockets of the royals and their many forelock tugging masonic lackeys embedded in the legal and police mafia's. It is becoming more apparent by the day that their dodgy justice system is NOTHING but a massive scam to inflict maximum damage on non mason men who very quickly find out the enormity of the scams that allow a lifetime of work to fly out the window on the back of a solitary masonic judicial pen.

    Beware any man that gives them that power by marrying and finding out later that their dear little sweetheart is turned into a traitorous whore by the grooming and cajoling of the legal mafia snorting tons of cocaine on the back of massive legal aid funding claims paid by the very men they are screwing, it is so fucking dire you just could not make this up.

    Those little traitorous whores will find in the end that they are only a means to an end for the masonic mafia lining their pockets with men's wealth and in many cases the lives of the suicidal men they have fleeced to the very bone.



  • Buchanan Galleries becoming the number one choice for suicidal men in Glasgow
  • Divorce and the Psychological Damage Done to Fathers
  • There is accumulating evidence that divorced and separated men have much higher suicide rates than their married counterparts (it was observed that divorced and separated men were nearly 2.4 times more likely to kill themselves than their married counterparts)
  • Suicide Rates High in Divorced Men
  • Men and suicide: The silent epidemic (Deliberately kept silent by the controlled gutter rags)
  • Divorced men were about twice as likely as married men to commit suicide
  • Why does divorce make men more suicidal than women? (Ermmmm women DON'T get shafted as their malicious allegations are required to give the masonic mafia power over men)
  • 17 Reasons Men Suicide After Divorce You Probably Don’t Know
  • The Effect of Divorce on Suicide Risk
  • Men Wear Divorce Badly ("The courts in the United States are in a position now whereby money is given to the woman, or the man is forced to pay alimony, child support. The man is also asked, in some cases, to vacate the house." "If a man loses custody of the children and the woman keeps those children, there are situations whereby she may not allow the man to see the children, and that causes some depression,")
  • The tragedy of post-divorce suicides for men
  • Why divorce is bad for a man's health: Separation increases the risk of early death, substance abuse, suicide and depression
  • Cavalier treatment of divorcing men can have unintended consequences in ever increasing suicide stats
  • FactCheck: are ‘up to 21 fathers’ dying by suicide every week?
  • Men more likely to commit suicide after divorce, study finds
  • The greatest suicide risk is among divorced men, who in 2015 were almost three times more likely to end their lives than men who were married or in a civil partnership
  • Middle-aged men today are also more susceptible to a life event that makes them three times as likely to attempt suicide if it happens: divorce. (Men in the UK aged 20 to 49 are more likely to die from suicide than any other cause of death)
  • 84 statues of British men who took their own lives unveiled in suicide prevention campaign

    We know EXACTLY what is driving men to early graves and it is the persecution being meted out by the freemasons running Britain's utterly corrupt courts aided and abetted by a media they control. This is rich coming from the freemason controlled ITV who pump out male hate reports every day just like their partners in crime the BBC (Boys Buggering Club). They use the madhatter feminist whingers to justify the stripping of men leaving them in a hopeless situation where suicide can be the easiest way out. Womens Aid one arm of their evil network of power and look at how much money they give these murdering whores to help destroy men with their lies and deceit.

    Statues of 84 British men who tragically took their own lives have been unveiled as part of a male suicide prevention campaign from UK charity, CALM.

    The art installation on top of This Morning's studios aims to raise awareness about the fact that 84 men take their own lives every week in the UK. Sisters Georgina, Channon and Adrienne whose father took his own life aged 45 have revealed how seeing a statue of their dad, Paul, has made them feel. Paul (centre) is one among the 84 statues representing real men who took their own lives.

    "Breathtaking, it was really quite shocking actually, seeing all the statues," Georgina told ITV's This Morning, which is backing the campaign. "Because it's such a hard thing to picture - 84 men together - it was really shocking, yeah."

    Suicide continues to be the single biggest killer of men under 45, with three in four of all suicides being male. Matthew Smith, whose brother took his own life, is spearheading the campaign with a petition calling on the Government to take ownership of suicide prevention and bereavement support.

    In the petition he states: "Every single suicide directly affects 135 people – people like me, people like you. "Beyond this unimaginable emotional cost, every single suicide costs an estimated £1.67 million – a cost to families, friends and wider society.

    "Yet no minister in the UK government is officially responsible for suicide prevention and bereavement support." For Georgina and her sisters, their dad's death came as a shock despite Paul planning his suicide and leaving goodbye messages for his family.

    "It was completely unexpected, none of us had any idea, he was the joker, always the funny one, making everybody laugh," Georgina said. "If you'd just met him he'd be making you laugh within minutes. "He was also very loving as well. You really would never have guessed, nobody knew."

    This Morning host Holly Willoughby who is also backing the campaign said: "As I was driving up to the building this morning to come to work, just looking up at our tower - it's such a dominating site on the South Bank - to see that at the top, it's just incredibly powerful." The sculptures - designed by US street artist Mark Jenkins - have split opinions on social media with some praising the art work while others have deemed it "insensitive."

  • Our FOI request to the Big Lottery fund exposed just how much money they give to Womens Aid and their ilk £25 million+ (meanwhile only £40,000 for mens causes yet the bulk of the homeless are MEN)
  • Lawyers run Womens Aid (They use their outrageous stats in court to strip men bare)
  • #Project84 highlights male suicide VIDEO
    Project 84 – stop 84 men committing suicide in the UK every week

    Not a clickbait headline but one you’ll recognise as a fact if you’ve seen the news about the 84 statues built and perched loftily on the South Bank ITV studio roof of “This Morning”, to represent the 84 men who kill themselves weekly in Britain. It’s an alarming statistic brought to the fore by the visual symbolism.

    84 men a week choosing to kill themselves is equivalent to 4,368 a year, which is an appalling indictment of society and our approaches to men’s mental health.

    Suicide is not only gender-defined with 75% of British suicides being male but also age-defined, with it being the biggest single killer of men aged under 45. The costs, emotionally and financially, are horrendous too – each suicide costs an average of £1,670,000 and affects 135 people. We applaud ITV for making such a bold statement and liaising with CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably.

    What’s striking is from so many stories is that family were not aware of their son’s, husband’s, father’s, brother’s suicidal intentions. Many men simply do not talk about stress, anxiety and depression and this bottling up can lead to tragic results of suicide or attempted suicide. At my lowest point in depression, with a loving wife, fantastic children and a great home-life, I had ideas about suicide repeatedly and at one point, as I’ve written about before, had fleeting visions of falling from the 9th floor of John Lewis, but I didn’t and wouldn’t, as I got help from friends, family and health professionals and pulled myself back from the brink.

    I could have been immortalised in an ITV studio, but, now looking back at 2013 to 2014, I realise what pain I would have left behind. This is not me being melodramatic – my depression, caused by events in a school, was so deep and damaging that at times death felt like the only answer. If you’re in a dark place, fixating on taking your own life, take a step back, physically and mentally, and seek help.

    Talk to people.

    Get counselled.

    See the bigger picture.

    Your death may ease your troubles and pain, but it will cause greater pain for the people you leave behind. Depression is a deep, deep chasm, but you can slowly emerge from there and rebuild. I did.

    And I am not now petrified on the South Bank skyline – you shouldn’t be either, as a man or a woman. Seek help, professional help, contact CALM on 0800 585858 for support.

  • Everything You Know is a Lie! (2018) VIDEO
    Britain ruled over by a royal pariah and the cause of UK mass suicides

  • Diana on verge of suicide after marrying into the royal mafia
  • Young Royals with nothing else to do put on silly headbands feigning sympathy for those suffering from mental health problems (Their own lackeys that run British society are behind the pressures that trigger mental health issues. Ask any man and his children who have been dragged through divorce courts would be top of the mental health victims chart)
  • Why Border Patrol agents have the highest suicide rate VIDEO
    Chris Cornell: Male Suicide Epidemic - Why? VIDEO
    Crown courts and vile government policies the cause of mass suicide
    Thousands persecuted in divorce courts, thousands persecuted for daring to claim support from an evil freemason controlled state and the royals feign sympathy for the tens of thousands of men who die every year pushed into an early grave.

  • British royals and Theresa May on mental health (Their ruthless feudal system is the cause NOT the cure for thousands of mens suicides)
  • The evil bastards who drive men to suicide

  • Suicidal woman saved at last second from approaching train in China VIDEO
    Robin Williams suicide? VIDEO
    Lawyer controlled BBC fail to report massive 'male' suicide rise due to divorce courts
    ALCOHOL and NOT crooked judges and lawyers hounding men into an early grave used as an excuse to justify bogus figures.

    The number of suicides by UK mental health patients has reached a 10-year high, new research suggests.

    The University of Manchester report, which looked at the number of patient suicides from 2003 to 2013, found the highest number - 1,876 - was in 2013. The lowest number recorded in the past decade was 1,453 in 2006.

    The report said this rise was mainly due to an increase in suicides in England, where patient numbers have also risen.

    Men 'at risk'

    Professor Louis Appleby, director of the University of Manchester's National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness, said the research showed that within mental healthcare, middle-aged men aged 45 to 54 years old were particularly at risk. "The problem is not simply that they don't seek help - they are already under mental health care - so we have to understand better the stresses men in this age group face," he said.

    The report said the number of suicides in male mental health patients had reached 1,239 per year, an increase of 29% since 2006. The largest rise was seen in middle-aged men, 45 to 54 years old, where the increase since 2006 was 73%.

    Researchers suggested that alcohol and economic factors such as job loss and debt may be contributing to the rise. Mental health charity Mind said a more proactive approach to supporting men who were experiencing suicidal thoughts was needed to make sure they get the right help at the right time.

  • Male suicide the biggest killer of men under 50 VIDEO

    A RARE occasion when the BBC aren't smearing men instead showing the statistics that are leading to men dying on a massive scale

  • A (male)Suicide in the Family (UK only unless using a proxy. A rare occasion when the BBC show a sympathetic view of men instead of constantly smearing them )(VIDEO)
  • Suicide in men 'highest since 2001'
    No mention by the media lawyer controlled BBC about the top terrorist group the global law society and their psychological persecution campaigns against separating fathers prior to helping themselves to their lifes work triggering mass suicide of men not part of the zionist / freemason mafia

    The proportion of men taking their own lives in the UK has reached its highest level for more than a decade, according to official figures.

    The Office for National Statistics data shows 19 deaths by suicide for every 100,000 men in 2013. Overall there were 6,233 suicides in men and women over the age of 15 in 2013 - 4% higher than the previous year. The legacy of the recession is one explanation for the rise. Overall suicide rates had been falling consistently from 15.6 deaths per 100,000 in 1981 to 10.6 per 100,000 in 2007. "Since 2007, the female rate stayed relatively constant while the male rate increased significantly," the ONS report states.

    In 2013, 78% of suicides were in men. The most vulnerable age group were those aged between 45 and 59, however, the rates have been increasing in all age groups except in the under thirties. The report added that research suggested that "the recent recession in the UK could be an influencing factor in the increase in suicides" and that "areas with greater rises in unemployment had also experienced higher rises in male suicides".


    Marjorie Wallace, the chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, commented: "It is really shocking that men who are or could be in their prime of life should feel driven to such a state of hopelessness and despair for the future that they are taking their own lives. "SANE's own research shows that many suicides could be prevented, if people were able to talk more openly about their feelings and felt able to seek therapy or other help.

    "Our concern is the number of suicides which are preventable and the fact that when people with mental illness hit crisis point, there are no available beds or units and they are sent home from A&E and left to suffer in silence." Joe Ferns, from the Samaritans, said: "The news is sadly not surprising to us given the context of a challenging economic environment and the social impact that brings.

    "We need to see a greater focus at local and regional levels on the co-ordination and prioritisation of suicide prevention activity especially in areas with high socio-economic deprivation."

  • Alarming numbers commit suicide due to UK job loss VIDEO
    Mass suicide of the mentally ill in UK's draconian prison regime VIDEO
    Robin Williams and the issue of depression VIDEO
    A letter to the Daily Racket over man's suicide
    dmitriy kanarikov

    We take SERIOUS offence to your tawdry rag suggesting a father is twisted when he commits suicide and takes his son.

    "A TWISTED dad threw his three-year-old son off the roof of a skyscraper before leaping to his death."

    The reality is that the freemasons running the courts and who also control this evil rag psychologically torture fathers to the point that they want to end their lives and unfortunately the father in this case took his son with him. We know the speculative society, the elitist arm of the freemason mafia in Scotland, use the vile gutter press to justify the mass murder of men while thieving their life's work but most especially their children. This evil rag, controlled by media lawyers, distorts the view that a man has been psychologically tortured in family courts to the point were he wanted to end it all and you psychopaths at this rag think he is twisted???????

    If the same thing had happened to a mother you would NOT be using the same intemperate language as sympathy is always garnered for a mother who acts in a deranged way. We know who is behind the Daily Record's editorial and know the connections to the SPEC. We will also make sure the global network of men are aware that your gutter rag thinks it's acceptable, with little knowledge of the background to the case , to class this suicidal man as twisted. He clearly was in urgent need of medical attention for his mental health but instead he was pushed to his death by the scum and filth that control family courts and the custody battles that ensue and that make trillions for the lawyers behind those battles and who also happen to control the gutter press that write this shit.
    Economic crisis drives rise in suicides VIDEO
    Zionist Cameron sacrificing the goyim for his 'Friends of Israel'

    You would hardly believe it when listening to or reading the compliant media that Britain is being attacked by the most vicious psychological torture campaigns instigated by the scum and filth that masquerade as a government. We have Eton groomed toffs manufacturing austerity that is killing our citizens en masse and with hardly a whisper from a media so complicit with these murdering bastards crimes that they are ignoring the death toll while promoting policies aimed at furthering the murder campaigns with total impunity.

    Men have known for decades about the psychological torture used by the royals state henchmen in draconian courts who have been driven to kill themselves, sometimes taking their own family with them, when pushed over the edge by forces concocted in secret courts aimed at breaking the resolve and finances of men caught up in a devious freemason trap and where their lackeys reside in judgement over a mans entire estate.

    So this is NOT a recent phenomena as a similar system is being rolled out to many more sections of society who are seen by the ruling toffs as not worthy of an existence while their media press barons conjure up smear tactics priming the sheeple to acquiesce to this mass murder on a grand scale. Men have for years had domestic violence and abuse thrown at them and used as smear tactics prior to being dragged into their dens of inquity, crown courts and wiped out. There is not a week goes by when reports of suicide have been rife within the disabled community and some of the poorest sections of society and while Hitler used gas ovens these evil bastards have honed their psychological torture skills and know how easy it is to push already vulnerable victims over the edge when threatened with having the pittance of welfare removed using recently implemented draconian rules .

    The tories under Thatcher devastated communities across the UK in the 70's closing down mines , shipyards and steel works where men did all the heavy industry until those closures left millions on the scrapheap of unemployment . No political party has done anything to restore these communities who live languishing from day to day on meagre state handouts. Another media scam is to portray these communities devastated by Thatcher and her henchmen as scroungers and now since Eton groomed Cameron and his henchmen have taken power again they are instigating the next stage of their attack on the peasants. Massive cuts to the already paltry sums are leaving millions now languishing in abject poverty and where many have decided suicide is an easier option than to live a life with little hope of raising their expectations while trying to survive in sink estates right across Britain. The media have been aiding and abetting the murder of 1000's of our citizens paying a heavy price for the damage the London city fraudsters running the banks and stock markets that ultimately led to the massive financial attack on those least able to bear the burden of cuts now being forced upon their targeted victims. The illusion of austerity masks the obscene gulf in how the ultra rich live who have been transformed from millionaires to billionaires and now trillionaires by the financial mafia hell bent on destroying vast swathes of the population for their own vile greed.

    Anyone could be a target for these fascist scum and filth yet many of the sheeple still have their heads buried in the sand hoping they can survive the extreme storms now destroying many of their fellow countrymen in relative secrecy and but for the internet the many lost lives would not be documented as to the murderous campaigns being carried out by the royal parasites and her freemason henchmen who have been getting away with murder for far to long thanks to a complicit media who promote them as some sort of heroes not the mass murdering scum they really are.

  • The Suicide Capital of England (2007)
  • Intimidating debt collectors are pushing thousands of people in Britain into depression and suicide
  • UK suicide rate rises 'significantly' in 2011
  • UK Suicide Rate Amongst Males Reaches 10-Year High In 2011 And Overall Number Rises 'Significantly
  • Suicide rates in Britain increase ‘significantly’
  • Suicide ‘now the biggest killer of young men in Britain’
  • Hundreds of Scots DEAD as FOI reveals thousands die in UK as a result of Tory-Libdem benefits ‘tests’ by ATOS
  • 32 die a week after failing test for new incapacity benefit
  • Deaths following Atos rulings of "fit for work"
  • Tory assassins ATOS killed my sick dad, says devastated Kieran, 13 (Genocide on a grand scale being carried out across the UK)
  • Expert in charge of controversial ‘back to work’ tests quits after warning the system needs to be ‘fair and humane’
  • Poverty is not cool, and it’s not something that MPs on a salary of £65k a year plus expenses can understand
  • 'Suicide' victim of evil tory bedroom tax: Grandmother, 53, hit by £20-a-week charge dies after leaving note saying the Government was to blame
  • First eviction warnings sent out as a result of evil tory benefits cap(Mass homelessness pending just like when Thatcher was in power)
  • Genesis housing the first to move to evict after tory benefit cap
  • Scandal of male suicide rate that is 3½ times that of women
    The state protects women at the expense of men especially during divorce

    Samaritans says men at greatest risk in 40-44 age bracket as Office for National Statistics reports 4,590 male suicides in 2012

    The male suicide rate in the UK was 3½ times that of women in 2012, the highest ratio between the sexes in more than 30 years, official figures show . The data was published as the University of Bristol and the Samaritans announced the launch of a project to investigate the impact of the internet on those with suicidal thoughts amid growing concerns about its effect on vulnerable people. There were 4,590 male suicides registered in 2012, compared with 1,391 female, equating to 18.2 per 100,000 men and 5.2 per 100,000 women, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

    When the data series began, in 1981, the male suicide rate was 1.9 times that for women. But the rate for women halved, with a much smaller decrease (from 19.8 in 1981) for men. Clare Wyllie, head of policy and research at Samaritans, said the figures showed that the highest suicide rate was among men aged 40 to 44, at 25.9 deaths per 100,000. This bore out the charity's own studies, which have found middle-aged men of low socioeconomic status to be most at risk. "They will grow up expecting by the time they reach mid-life they'll have a wife who will look after them and a job for life in a male industry," she said. "In reality they may find that they reach middle age in a very different position. Society has this masculine ideal that people are expecting to live up to. Lots of that has to do with being a breadwinner. When men don't live up to that it can be quite devastating for them." Additional factors were the perception that it was more acceptable for men to turn to drink or other risky behaviour to cope with difficulty, and men being often reticent about talking about their feelings.

    Paul Bristow, from the Mental Health Foundation, said: "We urgently need to know more about why being male is itself a risk factor in suicide and to do more to help men, especially young men, seek assistance rather than suffer in silence." The study conducted by the University of Bristol and the Samaritans has funding from the Department of Health policy research programme. It follows high-profile cases of young people who have taken their own lives after visiting self-harm sites, including Tallulah Wilson, 15, who died after being hit by a train in October 2012. At an inquest last month, her mother, Sarah Wilson, said Tallulah had been "in the clutches of a toxic digital world".

    In a statement to the inquest, Wilson said that there was a need for a greater understanding of the impact of the internet on young people. She had been shocked by the ease with which children could access self-harm and suicide blogs. "Tallulah entered a world where the lines between fantasy and reality became blurred," she said. "It is every parent's worst nightmare. I appeal to big brands to withdraw their advertising from those sites who continue to host inappropriate self-harming and suicide-promoting blogs to stop this poison spreading." But Wyllie said the research would also look at whether the internet could be a positive force. She said: "There's a lot of material on the internet and from what we know about suicide the material carries risk with someone who's suicidal, but we also know lots of people go online for support."

    There were 64 fewer suicides in 2012 than in 2011 and a slight reduction in the overall suicide rate per 100,000, from 11.8 to 11.6, despite a marginal increase in the male rate from 18.1 over the same period. But in 2011 there was a significant increase in both the number of suicides and the suicide rate from 2010. Wyllie said that since 2007 the overall rate had risen, "tracking the economic climate". She said: "While we are pleased there hasn't been an increase [from 2011], we must not be complacent."


  • Gary Speed suicide: Rumours press were about to expose homosexual affair
  • Is Gary Speed's Death Suspicious?
    A SUICIDAL father who was told he would have to wait several months for specialist NHS help – despite slashing his arm, taking a drugs overdose and walking around with a noose in his pocket – has killed himself.

    Daniel Day was found hanged following a six-month battle to get help from mental health professionals at NHS Grampian – during which time he had made three unsuccessful attempts to take his own life. His family made repeated pleas to have him sectioned, but the 28-year-old was instead placed on a huge waiting list for an appointment. Last night, as the father-of-one’s relatives voiced their anger, the health board confirmed that an investigation into the handling of Mr Day’s case was under way.

    His heartbroken mother, Julie Brown, claimed his death could have been prevented if he had received the help he desperately wanted. She said: “There is clearly a problem here – how many other Daniels are there out there? He tried to seek help and it was denied him. “The sadness is that he couldn’t find his own way out of the blackness which enveloped him, and apparently no one in Aberdeen within the professional services could find a way to give him the help he was begging for. “I don’t want other people in Aberdeen to find themselves in the same situation and use the same solution to end their heartache.” Mr Day’s sister, Naomi, 25, of Gilcomston Park, Aberdeen, said: “He was let down when he needed help the most. I can’t understand how someone can go for help and get turned down.” Mr Day was struggling to deal with the break-up of his family, who moved away from the city last summer.

    He had been seeing his GP on and off from September last year, and had been prescribed anti-depressants. On October 21, he met with the community mental health team at Aberdeen’s Royal Cornhill Hospital. Mr Day received a letter on November 3 confirming that he did need help, but the team was unable to set an appointment date with a psychiatrist because of the huge waiting list. Two days later, his sister took him to Cornhill as she was concerned – and on the way realised he had been walking around the city with a noose in his back pocket.

    She said he climbed over a gate at 3am and pleaded for staff at the hospital to help him deal with his “suicidal thoughts” but was told that he would have to call Scotland’s round-the-clock health helpline, NHS 24. Mrs Brown, who lives in the Borders, said: “Whoever spoke with him advised him to go home and call NHS 24 – despite Daniel telling them that he was having strong suicidal thoughts. “He had been signed off by his GP for four weeks with depression. He had an assessment session with psychiatric services who agreed that he was in need of help, but there was a three to four month waiting list.

    “He was told to come back if things got worse. To be honest, I’m not sure how much worse things were supposed to get when someone is self-harming and walking around with a noose in his pocket threatening suicide.” Weeks later, on January 9, Mr Day was found dead in his Hayton Road flat.

    neil jones A father committed suicide after a hate mob wrongly blamed the parents of a baby girl who was killed by an incorrectly prescribed dose of medicine.

    Neil Jones and Maxine Winfield were driven from their home as neighbours suspected they were responsible for the death of four-month-old Abbie. The house was trashed and all the dead baby's clothes, toys, jewellery and teddy bears were stolen, even the bootees she was wearing when she died. Weeks later, Mr Jones took an overdose and died.

    Today a coroner cleared Miss Winfield and her late partner of any blame over the death of daughter Abbie four years ago. The inquest heard that Abbie, a Down's child, died after a series of errors by a doctor's surgery and a pharmacist resulted in her being given ten times the correct dose of medicine. Abbie, who had a hole-in-the-heart which needed an operation, was prescribed Furosemide at four weeks after she had problems with breathing and keeping her feed down.

    She was initially prescribed the special paediatric medication in twice daily doses of 5 mls but on March 10, 2006 this was changed by staff at the surgery to a mixture ten times stronger when Miss Winfield complained the baby was struggling to accept the fluid. The concentrated version was supposed to be given to the baby in smaller amounts of 0.5 mls twice a day but nobody passed this information on to the mother. The labels were correct for the first two prescriptions for the 'concentrated' medicine. For the final prescription, the two large bottles were wrongly labelled and so ten times overdoses were given.

    Sheffield Coroner Chris Dorries is writing to the Chief Medical Officer, the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer and a company which provides computer software for GPs surgeries following the hearing into Abbie Jones' death. The inquest heard staff at the surgery in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, made out an incorrect prescription for the drug Frusemide after Miss Winfield telephoned and asked for more of the medicine. Receptionist Julia Dransfield overode a computer safety warning which flagged up if too much medicine was being prescribed. The error was not spotted by GP Dr Dean Wawrocz, although Miss Dransfield told the doctor to check saying 'it's only a baby.'

    Pharmacist Jeremy Power, who dispensed the wrongly labelled bottles, told the hearing he overheard his technician querying the strength of the dosage over the telephone with the surgery treating the baby, but admitted he did not check to see if the technician had spoken with a doctor. Mr Power, of the former T and I White's chemists in Barnsley said: 'With hindsight I wish I had. I accept that a stronger intervention should have been made.' Mother-of-four Miss Winfield, 30, unwittingly gave Abbie at least two doses of the diuretic medicine from a wrongly labelled bottle and the infant received another two doses in hospital before the mistake was realised by a consultant who called in the coroner. Little Abbie was admitted to Sheffield Children's Hospital with dehydration and septic shock on May 1, 2006 but died on June 3.

    Former forensic pathologist Professor Christopher Milroy told the hearing the incorrect dose could have caused the baby's death and certainly contributed to it. Eight South Yorkshire Police officers spent ten months investigating the tragedy and a file was sent to the Crown Prosecution Service but no action was taken. The practice manager Sandra Nicholson, Mrs Dransfield, Dr Dean Wawrocz and Mr Power were all interviewed under caution but no charges were brought. Detective Sergeant Paul Wilcockson, of South Yorkshire Police, said: 'The CPS had the file for 18 months and decided there was insufficent evidence to justify bringing any charges against individuals or organisations.'

    Recording a narrative verdict the coroner said Abbie died as a '[direct consequence of an overdose of prescribed Frusemide medication.' He said: 'The prescription was wrongly generated on the surgery computer as a result of established or recognised procedures not being followed within the practice.' He said there were 'insufficient safeguards' to prevent an unauthorised prescription being generated on the surgery computer system. Afterward the inquest Miss Winfield's solicitor Siobhan Kelly said: 'She's very satisfied with the coroner's verdict. It is a relief to her.'

    forever On Tuesday afternoon, a man crawled out of an apartment window. He stood on the ledge above the Forever 21 store at Powell St. near the cable car turnaround and, eventually, he jumped. He was pronounced dead at the scene. But this is only part of the story. According to the SF Examiner, a large crowd watched as the man contemplated his demise. Some people tweeted about it. Even more horrifying, others encouraged him to jump, said passerby Terence Prasad, of San Francisco. (**The Chronicle and SFGate elected not to report on the suicide) Online commenters who say they witnessed the incident paint a similarly disturbing picture.

    They describe the callous reaction and behavior of bystanders. At the same time, posters expressed with startling honesty the trauma of seeing the suicide while offering an outpouring of empathy, perhaps making up for the sickening lack of humanity yesterday and reminding us there are still many good, decent people out there.
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