A select few have tax free status

Freemasons top terror leader the Dukey Kent

Freemasons top terror leader the Dukey Kent at UGLE ceremony

Freemasons top predatory paedo BBC presenter (the untouchable) Jimmy Savile
flashes his cash with a Rolls Royce bought with BBC licence payers money

We have already mentioned how freemasons in Britain are couriers of vast amounts of wealth out of the UK and into crown dependency off shore accounts that ultimately, on their demise, pass on to the Crown controllers the royal parasites themselves.

There has been endless speculation as to how the rich seem to avoid all tax laws and investigations while the peasants are hammered for the slightest infraction of laws that don't affect the BIG boys. They are hand picked long established families, who over centuries, have proven to kiss the royal arse at every opportunity and are happy to provide a conduit for their supposed success when they benefit from contracts and money that the ordinary punters fail to access and in effect could never compete with.

We have spent years treading the streets of London collating how an organised murderous mafia can so easily accumulate wealth and then remove it to offshore accounts. That with not a raised eyebrow from the supposed authorities that use their powers to oppress the peasantry while giving free rein to the money couriers whose main task is to get vast sums out of the country under the radar. That ensures the real asset strippers are like drug barons who remain at arms length from their drug dealing minions who when the shit hits the fan will be the fall guys while their gang masters can continue their dealings untouchable. The BBC's top pervert Jimmy Savile was a courier of a different kind for the royal mafia who often said to his victims he was untouchable and died before his wickedness got out.

The same goes for their tax avoiding money couriers who on death their families find out they cannot account for their accumulated wealth that those Crown dependency offshore bank accounts make sure are diverted into the vast coffers of the royals piggy bank and why they remain so wealthy and powerful. There is method in their madness while they strip men bare in their dens of iniquity the law courts dominated by their fixers.

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