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    An angry mob fire-bombed and stoned a police station on the Thai island of Phuket overnight on Saturday and set vehicles alight, following the deaths of two young men whose motorbike was involved in a collision with a police car.

    The rioters, numbering more than 100 people, blocked roads and refused to let fire engines through, according to Thai media. The fatal crash happened late on Saturday morning. Quoting police, Thai media reported that the men sped through a checkpoint in what they described as a "suspicious manner", prompting them to give chase in a pick-up truck.
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    The Counter-Terrorism Bureau has issued a warning to Israelis to stay away from Bangkok, and advised those already in the capital to avoid areas commonly frequented by Israelis.

    Thailand's intelligence services launched a manhunt Friday for a Hezbollah operative who is part of a terror cell planning attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets in Bangkok. The Counter-Terrorism Bureau has issued a warning to Israelis to stay away from the Thai capital, and advised those already in Bangkok to avoid areas commonly frequented by Israelis.

    The defense source said the Thai authorities were working hard to thwart the attack, which was expected sometime ahead of February 12 - the anniversary of the assassination of Hezbollah operations chief Imad Mughniyeh. According to Thai sources, despite the arrest of the first suspect, the terror warning is still in force. The defense source said the incident was still underway. "A manhunt is still underway after the additional suspects,which means the threat still exists and the travel advisory is still in force," the source said. The source also called on Israelis who are now in Thailand to comply with the directives and to stay away from Bangkok. Thai sources said that during his questioning, the detained Hezbollah operative confessed that a terror squad was intending to launch an attack on Israeli targets, including places where Israelis stay.

    "The Thai authorities have stationed heavy security at all potential targets," a securing source added. According to the Thai media, Israel first informed the Thai authorities on December 22 that three Hezbollah operatives had entered the country in order to perpetrate terror attacks. On January 8, Israel received additional information pinpointing this weekend as the time of the attack. The Americans had also informed the Thai authorities before Christmas that they had received information from Israel about a planned terror attack against Western and American targets in Bangkok.

    Three members of the terror cell are Lebanese citizens who also hold Swedish passports, and who visited Thailand a few times in recent months. The information led the Thai authorities Friday to an apartment near Khao San Road, a popular destination for Israeli backpackers and other visitors to the Thai capital. Thai security officials raided the apartment but the Hezbollah men had already fled. They arrested Idris Hussein, 48, a dual Lebanese-Swiss citizen, at Bangkok Airport a few minutes before he was due to board a flight out of the country. Following Hussein's arrest, nine other countries besides Israel and the United States issued travel advisories against visiting Bangkok.

    thai injured Thai troops have opened fire on anti-government protesters and more than 20 are dead after a a third day of bloody clashes on the streets of Bangkok. The army offensive against the thousands of Red Shirt demonstrators occupying a sprawling encampment in the city’s commercial district escalated on Saturday.

    Soldiers started moving in on Thursday but their attempts to disperse the camp have been met with fierce resistance, resulting in increasingly bloody street battles. Crowds of protesters hurled homemade rockets, petrol bombs and burning tires at the advancing troops, who returned fire with live rounds of ammunition. An estimated 22 people, all civilians, have been killed in the last three days and at least 161 injured. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva spoke on national TV, on Saturday afternoon, promising to restore order to the city with “minimum loss of life”. However he stood by the military action and claimed that the protesters, who are calling for him to resign, had been infiltrated by “terrorists”. Abhisit said: “The government must move forward. We cannot retreat because we are doing things that will benefit the entire country. “I insist that if we want to see an end to the loss of life, the only way is to have the protesters end their protest.” The Thai army are now closing off roads leading to the Ratchaprarop district and have pinned Thai and English-language notices on wires saying, "Live Firing Zone" and "Restricted Area. No Entry".

    The British Embassy has warned of “intense violence” in the main areas of the capital where violence broke out. A embassy statement read: “We expect shooting and intense violence in Ratchaprarop, Din Daeng area and other violent areas.” “As a further precaution, please avoid department stores in Bangkok. If safe to do so, please return home or stay where you are safe.” The US Embassy is also issuing a new alert urging its citizens against any travel to Thailand’s capital. The fiercest clashes on Saturday took place along the usually congested Rama IV road near the business district. A volunteer medical rescue worker was shot and feared dead and at least four protesters were also shot and badly wounded, including one in the head. Witnesses described the fighting as one-sided as troops dodged the projectiles and shot back with automatic rifles. Sansern Kaewkamnerd, army spokesman, said soldiers were permitted to open fire if any protesters come within 36 metres (118 ft). The army was calling in reinforcements, he added.

    The demonstrators, who come from mostly rural areas and wear signature red shirts, claim Abhisit’s government, formed after a military coup ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, is illegitimate and are demanding an immediate election. Their occupation of Bangkok started nearly two months ago and has now brought the bustling tourist destination to a near standstill.

  • Thailand street battles escalate as Red Shirt leader warns of civil war
    thai red shorts Thailand postpones curfew amid simmering conflict

    The Thai government has called off a curfew in central Bangkok to allow protestors to leave the area, amid clashes in which 25 have died and more than 200 have been injured. A planned curfew has been at least postponed to allow women and children to leave the long-term rally site before 3:00 pm (local time) Monday. The government has said that NGOs will help them to do so. Amid continuing street battles between anti-government protestors and troops, another journalist has been shot and more civilians have been injured. The government has added another five provinces to its state of emergency decree, bringing the number of areas to 22.

    Most are in Red Shirt strongholds outside Bangkok. Meanwhile, Red Shirt leaders have issued a new statement offering unconditional negotiations to resolve the impasse. They have appointed a foreign negotiator to faciliate talks with the government. The government has previously said there will be no talks until the rally is cover. Tori Anderson, an Australian living in Bangkok, says she saw three protesters shot dead below the window of her flat on Saturday. She says everyone is now fleeing the tower block where she lives, using a ladder to climb over a back gate to avoid the army and the red shirts. "All the sirens are going off in my building. There was a man, and he was from the Red Shirts, and he was shot by the military downstairs," she said. "They're evacuating the whole building, thinking its all a red zone now. So it's quite scary and we're climbing over the back fence, as I speak, trying to leave quietly away from my building."

    War zone

    Black smoke hangs over the area surrounding the Rama IV road and shots are being fired. Live fire areas have been declared in various parts of the city and civilians have been warned to stay away. There was a fairly significant stand off between troops and protesters in the slums of Klong Toey last night which is still simmering. The bloodshed has been largely one-sided, as troops armed with automatic rifles easily dodge projectiles and open fire with automatic weapons. Some protesters have been killed by snipers positioned on the tops of office towers. Soldiers can shoot if protesters come within 36 metres of army lines, said army spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd, adding more soldiers were needed to establish control.

    Soldiers have set up check points around the city and local residents are being made to sign a log book and obtain an ID card if they wish to enter the locked down CBD. At least one Red Shirt leader is now saying Thailand's King is the only one who can step in to end the crisis. Australia's Foreign Affairs Department says the violence means the Australian embassy in Bangkok will be closed to visitors from tomorrow until further notice. It says the embassy is still operating, but some of the clashes are happening in front of the building.

    The Department continues to warn Australians to reconsider their need to travel to Thailand.

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  • Twenty-two killed in Bangkok's bloody street battles
    Like Greece, the Thai peasants have formed an uprising and resistance against an arm of the New World Order consisting of a small section of Thai society of a privileged few who own and control most of Thai's wealth.

    The New World Order was formed from a few dynastic families in each country that dominates , controls and enslaves its population. There are many ways of doing this and in Thailand the ruling elite have installed an unelected leader without any form of democratic selection. Britain has just come through an election process were the population believe they have selected that leadership, when in fact the Zionist controlled media have foisted on the public, as they have done over centuries, a carefully selected bunch of political goons.

    Zionism is another form of Nazism were Israel and its Zionist leaders have been able to use the freemasonic network across Europe and particularly in America to control the political, legal and banking systems for their enormous self enrichment. The masons we are asked to chose between all have the same agenda, to take care of the privileged few the British Royal family and their massive entourage which is based on secret satanic sworn oaths of allegiance. It has been a convenient tool for the privileged few of the United Kingdom to allow freemasonry to flourish as it has ensured the British monarchy have a large group of wealthy and influential men tied to a rigid dogma that they are ALL threatened with murder if they do not conform to these sick and sinister control mechanisms.

    Most of those supposed influential men (duped goons) only given key positions of power in the first place thanks to firstly making those sworn oaths of allegiance. The wealth they generate has followed from those connections and many are NOT as bright as they think they are. One reason why so many non mason men have been ruthlessly destroyed in British courts due to Zionist and masonic leaning judges who are one of the main means of total control and domination. Removing civil juries and replacing with masonic hitmen has given enormous advantage to the privileged classes. Non mason families continue to be weakened by this sinister judicial abuse and so less likely to provide the resistance required to overturn their tyranny. Men made homeless , impoverished and psychologically tortured have little chance of providing the necessary might to remove these sick and sinister forces. Radical feminists fail to understand how they are being used to impose these fatal injuries on men NOT under masonic control.

    This is a conspiracy SO ENORMOUS no one can truly believe how much control this gives the ruling elite. As a nation we should look at Thailand and see how government forces can oppress an unarmed population and that UK citizens, after Dunblane, have been convinced by that Zionist controlled media to give up any means of self protection. Instead relying on a police force that no longer protects the public but who are heavily armed, to not only oppress the long suffering peasants , but to ensure they quash any uprising that is presently simmering in every area of the UK. The modern day version of feudal rule is taking place in Britain were in the past battles were fought using swords in killing fields. We have yet to see the modern day version of how the UK will react, as in time they must do, like Greece and Thailand to this growing threat to our prosperity and long term stability . It is well past its sell by date to take action against the UTTER SCUM OF THE EARTH who are presently manipulating our laws to give themselves ever more power, control and wealth at the utter expense of those unarmed peasants they have so ruthlessly treated. We do NOT have a democracy but an illusion that when we get sick of the political leaders we can replace them but only for more of the same enslavement policies.


    thai red shirts

    red shirts "'Thailand is getting more and more like China with internet censorship'"

    GEORGE Orwell's 1984 had its Big Brother, and Thailand has Ranongrak Suwanchawee. The country's information minister stares down from billboards along Bangkok's expressways, warning that "bad websites are detrimental to society" and should be reported to a special hotline. Anti-censorship campaigners yesterday warned that Thailand was now following regimes like neighbouring China and Myanmar in shutting down access to opposition internet sites and seriously restricting press freedom.

    Abhisit Vejjajiva is fighting a battle on at least two major fronts against protesters seeking to oust it. On the streets, a massive force of soldiers and police has only managed to battle them to a standstill. In cyberspace, the authorities have fared little better, despite efforts to block dissenting voices with the threat of lengthy prison terms. But it remains a struggle for uncensored information to get through, forcing both information providers and consumers to resort to various dodges to penetrate the government's firewall, sometimes using tactics perfected by dissidents in such authoritarian states as China and Iran. The often broad-brush approach to blocking websites even affects surfers just out for some video fun. Live streaming services, and have also been blocked, apparently because they host transmissions by the so-called 'Red Shirt' protesters.

    "Thailand is getting increasingly like China when it comes to internet censorship," said Poomjit Sirawongprasert, president of the Thai Hosting Service Providers Club. Thailand's standing in the Press Freedom Index of the Paris-based group Reporters Without Borders slipped to 130 last year from 65 in 2002, when the ratings were initiated. The latest crisis in Thailand's past five years of political turmoil has pushed the government into tightening already tough controls over the internet.

    The Red Shirts want Abhisit to dissolve parliament and call early elections, claiming he came to power illegitimately in December 2007 with the help of back-room deals and military pressure. The demonstrators have been camped out on Bangkok's streets for almost two months, during which time protest-related violence has left 29 people dead and almost 1,000 hurt. Two police officers were killed in violence on Friday night. On 7 April when the government realised the demonstrators were here to stay, it declared a state of emergency, barring the media, under threat of a ban or censorship, from disseminating any news that "causes panic, instigates violence or affects stability".

    Immediately it ordered 36 politically oriented websites to be blocked. It also went after small radio stations that are a key organising tool for the Red Shirts, as well as their satellite TV connection. Their print media so far has been left alone. And although the order is meant to crack down on inflammatory sites, none belonging to the Red Shirts' ideological opponents – the royalist Yellow Shirts, whose sites also sometimes contain extremist content – are known to have been targeted.