Being unable to sue a lawyer ensures they continue to provide stolen children to their paedo friends

Rent boy using lawyer MP Keith Vaz was a staunch supporter of lawyer lord Greville Janner despite years of homopaedo abuse against young boys

Globally vulnerable children are being made that way thanks to the total monopoly of the law the legal mafia have given themselves. As long term victims of these evil bastards we know how it is impossible to sue a lawyer in the very courts they and their law society buddies, judges control.

There is an unwritten law demanded by the top terrorists at the global law society that demands NO lawyer will help sue his lawyer buddies on behalf of either a client of a lawyer or the victim facing law suits instigated by a clients lawyer. This global monopoly behind more rape and pillage than all other crimes or terror threats.

The simple fact that lawyers are free of ALL forms of actions that they themselves impose on an unsuspecting public means that millions of children are stolen into the child procurement system for paedo's many who are themselves judges and lawyers and involved in sordid sexual dens where the most disgusting and degrading satanic filth requires a steady stream of children who are free from parental control.

The homosexual agenda at its head has many lawyers, cops and social workers who not only demand they have the right to do what they want but that children, and most especially young boys are demanded for the satanic sexual parties where they feast on the bodies of children procured through the legal machinations lawyers instigate in courts right across this planet.

This is an evil that is widespread and all pervasive and hides behind a curtain that is drawn by a compliant media that is totally and utterly controlled by the biggest and most disgusting filth that crawls across this planet. A judicial and legal mafia that recently added Keith Vaz to its list of lawyer MP's caught recently using rent boys to satisfy their twisted lust while manufacturing ever more laws giving homosexuals rights over this vile system that they themselves are implicated in.

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