Victim culture lets feminists and lesbians, homosexuals and zionists get away with murder
By the minute the world is seemingly going crazy. The global corporate rags are not only spouting FAKE news but are trying to convince the sheeple that certain groups in society are the only ones deserving of VICTIM status. If its not an ex-wife accusing her former husband of abuse, while helping herself to his bank account, to a long series of homosexuals being slighted over hotels, cakes and a myriad of issues that puts them on a pedestal requiring kid gloves to protect them.

The biggest victim claimants of all are the murderous zionist regime in Israel whose lackeys are heavily embedded in America and who rant endlessly about all the anti-semitism they claim to be victims of when behind that facade lies some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet. Much of the apparent anti-semitic attacks created by themselves so they can shout from the rooftops about all they claim to have to put up with. Little regard for the Palestinians and Gazans facing a murderous Israeli army and the Mossad hit squads prepared to take out anyone who dares to challenge the psychopaths running Israel.

Anyone facing oppression tends to be at the very bottom of society NOT at the very top and seemingly able to get away with murder while the ordinary citizens are slung into jail for the slightest misdemeanour. We are being plagued by endless stories that try to create empathy from the large number of sheeple who still believe the BULLSHIT that masquerades as news.

Meanwhile the most powerful and richest family on the planet continue to receive endless gushing praise for all the wonderful ultra expensive garments they dress in while they swan across the globe at the peasants expensive. That truly confirms we are living in a mad world and being browbeaten by lunatics running the asylum. Lying is the number one trait of those claiming victim status.